Dear PDP, you don't have sense! Over the course of the past 4 years, a reasonable party ought to have learnt some serious lessons especially with the advent of a ruling criminal group.

 The PDP ought to have made the opposition robust, and ought to have raised the conversation.

The PDP literally went to sleep.

Men and women of goodwill; ordinary Nigerians, became the virtual opposition to this administration. We took on the government at every point. We critiqued policies and actions of the government and did put them on the backfoot! The ordinary Nigerians were the Opposition!

Every election organized by the APC administration was fraudulent! We provided various solutions to curtail this. And every single time, the PDP did a whole lot of NOTHING to curtail the criminality of INEC and the APC!

On this wall, we presented numerous researches from our Analytical Research Team; we self-fund the researches, and provide results for free! We went through the Constitution with a comb and dredged the history of Nigeria! These researches were made public for all...including the PDP!

In the build-up to the elections, we approached the PDP and some members of the National Assembly...we informed them the dangers of INEC under the presidency, and pleaded with them to employ their advantage and trigger the Doctrine of Necessity to extract INEC from the presidency. We had wanted whole constitutional changes but on negotiations, settled for the laws establishing INEC to be changed. We had employed various softwares using historical and constitutional data to arrive at our conclusions.

Every single time, the PDP and their major candidate rebuffed us. The few times we were called up, it was to attempt to induce us to join their campaigns. We rejected those and told them we would NEVER participate in the sham called elections!

The PDP refused to raise the conversation; they refused to make absolute constitutional changes a party ideology; they wanted the Constitution just as it was and went into elections under the same rules and laws that had continually undermined them in the past 4 years!

Of course, the PDP did win the popular elections, but the APC was announced victorious by INEC! Exactly as we predicted, things played out!

So the PDP started mulling going to the courts, then they realised that the government already rigged the courts with the unethical removal of the CJN!

Recall on this wall that we had anticipated the removal of the CJN against the upcoming elections and attempted to head this off using the PDP and the National Assembly. Despite our best efforts, we were told to "fuck off''!

We did "fuck off"!

Dear Friends, we did realise from all our interactions with the PDP, that they lack the intellectual capacity to save themselves talk less of saving Nigerians from these demons. We kept our peace, stayed away from the elections, and sat back to review. The PDP ignored intellectual interrogations and opted for the same old approach to matters of governance and policy! And they got shell-shocked with a most mindboggling electoral heist since foretold!

Dear PDP, you don't have sense! Your motto should be changed and you should put up a plaque in Wadata House saying:


NB: I was just being nice informing you of your senselessness. I really have more to say...but let's keep it simple! Mr. PDP, you don't have any sense!

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