WOMEN ARE NATURALLY STINGY,I honestly don’t understand some of us Naija women most especially.You use your 50 to sponsor your brother to Malaysia while You live off his own 100.

I don’t understand how a man will marry you as a lawyer, doctor, nurse, engineer, hairdresser, or you have a good job in general; then you act shocked when he wants you to contribute financially to the family after marriage.

No, he did not marry you because of your job but there is a certain expectation that comes with the fact that :I have 100 and with her good job she has 50; and if we get married we will have 150.

Not him after marriage still 100, while you use your 50 to sponsor your brother to Malaysia while you live off his own 100.

Like let’s be realistic here, just like us women consider prospects, employment and stability before agreeing to marry a man; it will be fair to say that men do that as well.

Just like we women can claim we don’t base our choices/decisions to settle down with a man on what he does for a living, or his potential to provide and protect us, men can also claim the same. At the end of the day, no sane man wants a liability of a woman.

You can’t live in a house paid by him, use electricity paid by him to wash and iron your cloths, use a car bought by him to drive to work, spend time you would have invested in your family at work; then turn around and refused to pitch in. Citing it is a man’s responsibility to take care of a woman.

Naija women, those our brothers that we channel our money to: to open business for, to cater for their families, to sponsor their travel to Malaysia;are they not part of the men that their responsibility is to take care of women? Or does this rule only apply to ‘husbands and boyfriends‘?

If it is a man’s responsibility to take care of a woman, our brothers should be the ones giving us money and not the other way round🤷‍♀️

If your counter argument is that, it’s your father that trained you in school and you think as a woman your money belongs to your family because of that; then don’t get married. Stay in your father’s house; work and repay them for training you. Don’t marry a man then refuse to contribute because your family trained you.

By Nora Oma Patrick

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