The Path of Destruction 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13>A cynical and patently stupid federal government created laws to centralize power just to punish the Igbos

In 1962, the federal government of Nigeria built a transmission backbone to connect Kainji Dam and the power plants in Lagos. Excess power from the transmission system was sent to the Eastern Region to support the Oji River coal plant running as an independent power.

War broke out in 1967.

The federal government disconnected the Eastern Region from the National Grid. The Oji River was maintained, expanded to power the young country called Biafra. Electric power was sustained in the places connected to the Biafran Grid. Those places that were not connected ran on generators.

The war was over by 1970. The conquering Caliphate Government was still bitter with Biafra. A lot of policies were enacted just to ensure that a Biafra would never rise any longer. One of those policies was the centralization of Power Supply.

A cynical and patently stupid federal government created laws to centralize power just so they could control who generated and where it is generated. With this policy, they abandoned the Oji River power plant and made it deteriorate.

But of course, they couldn't admit openly that to prevent the Eastern Region from ever challenging them was the reason for the centralization of power. With this prevention of regional generation, they started struggling with power all over the country. If they had prevented the Eastern Region from generating but allowed others to, there might have been trouble. So they prevented everyone from generating and unitarized the country into a single grid! That was how Power got into the Concurrent List but treated as an Exclusive Item.

Result? 4000mW in over a century as against 1.7 million mW in the Peoples Republic of China over the same period.

In the bid to put down a people, Nigeria put itself firmly on the Path of Destruction. With the 1999 Constitution, the destruction was legalized. And you know what? People rationalize the destruction and and validate it every time. No elected official has ever challenged the stupidity of that Constitution; most people have not even read it. All they want are good leaders! That Constitution would NEVER produce good leaders...and I refuse to validate it.

We must #restructureOrBurst

The Path to Destruction 2

Most of the first and second generation politicians were trained in missionary schools. The missions either came via the Atlantic Ocean or across the Sahara. The Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Catholic Missions dominated the South and the Middle Belt, they were hard pressed to cross to the North.

But the British had mission fields in the Sudan; and they were determined to preach the Gospel of Christ to the mostly Animist North. So they activated the Mission Field in Sudan to cater for the spiritual needs of the North. The North East was closest to Sudan just across the Chad Basin. The Sudanese Extended Mission established schools and churches all over the North East of Nigeria, and Christianity took hold therein. The North East has about the largest Christian population in the far North. The Caliphate wasn't happy.

Recall that the Eastern Region already had the university at Nsukka and the Technical School in Port Harcourt (now known as UNIPORT). These schools were supported by the missionaries. They were very good schools.

War broke out in 1967. During the war, the university at Nsukka and the Port Harcourt Technical College provided the technological backbone for the Government of Biafra. Projectile Systems led by Dr. Garret (an Ogoni) were directly from these institutions.

The Caliphate-led federal government won the war; Nigeria lost spectacularly.

The caliphate assumed total control of Nigeria. Their bitterness at the Sudanese Extended Mission in Nigeria at the christianisation of the North East and the technological feat of the Biafran schools led to the policy of seizing all schools from missionaries and nationalizing the universities. With the control of schools, the missionaries left and the government commenced controlling educational content. The mission called ECWA is the only monument left of the Sudanese Extended Mission. All aspects of education were hitherto controlled by the regional governments but now federal prerogative.

Results? Education has been on an accelerated decline. Standard 6 of the late 50s have better quality education than university graduates of the millennium. Even the federal government could hardly stand the half-baked materials churned out of the terrorist camps called Nigerian Universities. The fortunate sent their wards abroad for better education. Education in Nigeria is a disgrace!

That was how education made it into the Concurrent List. A foolish government, in
trying to hurt their old adversaries in the South East, meted a debilitating punishment on the whole country...and on themselves. The federal government is now forced to fund all the universities, and pay their personnel. The federal wage bill ballooned out of control. They are incapable of funding the schools, and are helping to destroy Nigeria with the poor output from those schools. With poor output, the quality of human resources plummeted. And now has a visible negative effect in public administration and the economy.

In taking over all of education, the federal government placed Nigeria on the path of destruction! The tertiary institutions are always on strike. A reasonable government would change the Constitution and relinquish their unnecessary hold on education. Not in Nigeria though; the more ridiculous, the better.

That is what people validate? SMH...I shall be no part of such nonsense!

We must #restructureOrBurst or keep pretending we have an educational system.

The Path to Destruction 3

So the caliphate-dominated federal government felt the need to totally prevent a resurgent Biafra; the Eastern Region must be completely defeated and subjugated despite the fact that the war was over.

In 1954, the Nigerian Ports Authority was created to 'regulate ports activities'. Only the Lagos and Port Harcourt ports were under its jurisdiction. The Warri, Burutu and Calabar Ports were controlled by the regional governments and private firms like John Holt.

War broke out in 1967.

Biafra had control of the Port Harcourt and Calabar Ports alongside a few other harbours. With the access to the Atlantic, the Government of Biafra could have some measure of maritime trade. By 1969, the Nigerian Forces had seized the Calabar and Port Harcourt ports. The coastal areas of Biafra were now under the control of the Nigerian government. To consolidate their hold on the coastal areas, the NPA Decree was amended in 1969 to include Calabar, Burutu, and the Warri Ports. The former operators were chased away.

The war ended with the caliphate in full control. Rather than revert to the hitherto efficient system, the blind hatred for their old adversaries made them keep a stranglehold on the ports. To prevent a resurgent Biafra, their access to the Atlantic was prevented. They relocated all port activities to the Lagos ports. And left the other ports to rot. The first to go to the dogs was the Burutu Port, then the Warri Old Port. Calabar and Port Harcourt were only permitted to carry out skeletal services. The Koko and Sapele Ports were locked up!

The economy of the port cities simply gave up the ghost!

Now, the stupidity of the federal government is revealed to all. In sending all port activities, the following happened:
1. The eastern half of Nigeria, from Calabar to Port Harcourt to Maiduguri and Kano suffer increased cost of business! The whole of the North East and South East and Eastern Middle Belt simply suffered an economic meltdown! The closure of the ports in the Eastern half of the country has not only adversely affected the old Eastern Region but the North East! This is a serious case of cutting the nose to spite the face. The Eastern Bloc of Nigeria North to South pays more on the average person commodity!

2. Ports Congestion has almost ground the Lagos Ports and surroundings into the ground. The Apapa Congestion is frightening! The roads virtually collapse under the weight of the congestion!

3. Nigerian ports became uncompetitive as efficiency was thrown out on the altar of national stupidity...sorry, security...

Isn't it total madness that about 4 ports were shutdown just so the old adversaries wouldn't have some peace, but ended up creating embarrassing inefficiencies into the country and making our ports and economy unattractive? When you hear the word "stupidity", it means Nigeria!

The closure of the Eastern Ports has helped to make a mess of the Nigerian Economy. Only a country where idiots govern would close most ports just to spite a people but inadvertently spite ALL people!

The ill-advised seizure of the ports in 1969 was codified in the 1999 Constitution. That was how the Ports made it into the Exclusive List. And Nigeria firmly placed on the Path of Destruction! The Cotonou ports, and other ports in Ghana and Ivory Coast are preferred ports of call for ocean going vessels. Nigeria employed stupidity to send out business from itself! Insanity!!!

We must #restructureOrBurst or shall allow the national embarrassment in Apapa to continue.

The Path to Destruction 4

The first police unit in Nigeria was in 1820 in present day Imo. By 1879, the Hausa Constabulary was established. The Royal Niger Constabulary was formed in 1888. This was formed by the Royal Niger Company and later became Northern Nigeria Police Force.

In the South, the Lagos Police was established in 1894. The Niger Coast Constabulary was established in 1896 in Calabar.

All the police units were independent of one another. By "independence" in 1960 through 1963, the police units were under Native Authorities. By 1966, police units were regionalized. Each region controlled its own police force; the Eastern and Western Regions left the police administration mostly to Native Authorities (municipalities).

War broke out in 1967.

The Caliphate-Military won the war, Nigeria lost that war.

The Biafrans had capitulated; the Biafran Government had thrown-in the towel. The Caliphate-Military Alliance was determined to ensure that the Eastern Region never rose again. To do this, they must be totally disarmed. The Eastern Nigeria Police was decreed out of existence (most had been combatants during the war anyway). The conquerors recruited police personnel from outside the East and poured them into the Region. That would be the first time police personnel from outside a region would be in charge of security. The Biafrans were war weary and had no stomach to protest; the survivors were just grateful to be alive. That was how "foreigners" took charge of policing in the Eastern Region. And started exerting control on the daily activities of all the citizens.

It was an Army of Occupation that did almost zero police work.

Even the Caliphate-Military was surprised at the success of their little scheme. By then, even the Western Region was afraid of the North; rather than protest, they tried to keep out of the way. The caliphate saw this, then decreed that there were no longer Regional Police Departments but a national police under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government. By 1979, this illegality was codified into the Constitution in the Section 194 of the 1979 Constitution. With this, ALL regions of Nigeria gave up their rights to secure themselves and effectively, gave up regionalism.

In the bids to totally subdue the Eastern Region, the federal government subdued the whole country. That was how policing made it into the Exclusive List of the Constitution!

The federal government now has a single police force, with about 370,000 personnel that they must pay, fund, and control so that they could control all Nigeria. Abdullahi is posted to Yenagoa and Emeka to Maiduguri. Yemisi to Yola. Of course, locals hate the police and the police hate them in return. Everyone hates the federal government! And internal security disappeared for good. The Nigerian Police is not your friend.

That was how Nigeria put itself on the Path of Destruction. The Nigerian Police is an army of subjugation and not meant for internal security in the real sense. It's a tool of the caliphate backed federal government to limit the rights of Nigerians and has nothing to do with internal security. That's what people expect me to validate? Seriously?

To remove the army of occupation masquerading as the Nigerian Police, we must #restructureOrBurst. Stop validating your slave masters!

The Path of Destruction 5

In July 1966, the Caliphate-Military conducted a counter-coup to revenge the January 1966 coup. It was much senseless killings. It was meant to be bloody as the North had concluded plans to secede. The details of that coup were given in the Contradiction Series on this wall.

August 1966, the Caliphate-Military declared that the North had seceded from Nigeria. They were the first region to secede and not Biafra. They called it 'Araba' meaning Divide. The Arewa Republic lasted about 48 hours.

The British informed the Arewa of a well-kept secret; Nigeria was awash with oil and gas deposits. And that resource is in the area called Eastern Region and Midwest. If you secede, you'd have no access to it. Of course, the British knew that a sovereign government led by better educated Southerners wouldn't give them unfettered access to the petroleum resources. So the British backed the Arewa, and convinced them to remain in the Union. The Arewa struck a deal with the British, and kept antagonizing the Eastern Region.

War broke out in 1967.

Biafra held its own against all odds. The Caliphate-Military struck another deal with the British. This time, several world powers were involved. They divvied up the oil acreages among themselves. This was codified with the Petroleum Act of August, 1969. The decree was passed on the exploration and production of oil for a sovereign country! Biafra was not part of Nigeria when the decree came into force.

With the investments codified, the British and allies put everything in place to see to the defeat of Biafra. The Caliphate won the war, Nigeria lost!

The control of all aspects of oil production and refining went to the federal government. This had been the preserve of the regions hitherto. Now the federal government seized all factors of production from the Eastern Region. This was to ensure an Arewa control.

But would they wouldn't stop just the South East, would they? To make it look balanced, they stopped all other regions from controlling their resources. That was how Mining, Oil Production a d everything below the ground became the preserve of the federal government and found its way into the exclusive list. And gave away our resources to foreigners to control. War Help paid for with the resources of others.

In 1979, it was sealed with the Land Use Act and codified into the 1979 Constitution. The regions were effectively destroyed economically, and Nigeria along with it. Till date, no person truly owns his land, and no state or people control their own resources. And the federal government has made a terrible job of it save patronage, corruption and prebendalism. The federal government cannot refine, and wouldn't let you refine. Normally, every region or city ought to license refining, the federal government says you cannot! Just imagine?

A government steeped in idiocy; in order to subdue a people and steal their resources, they killed the country. And codified this imbecility with the 1999 Constitution, then ask people to validate it with their votes. I feel thoroughly insulted!

You see why that Constitution is of no good use? We must #restructureOrBurst. Nothing else matters.

The Path of Destruction 6

People scramble for the creation of states at every turn, I am perennially alarmed and greatly disturbed when I hear that. Sometime in 1996 as an undergraduate, I had an argument with an older and seemingly more educated man individual about the rational of creating states especially without the input of the people the state is meant for. He posited that the creation of more states would bring development to the people. I laughed and asked how a military government could bring development when people were exempted from the development process, he announced I knew nothing!

But do folks know the origins of states creation? It was meant to subdue, break, reduce, and totally reduce the regions to nothing. The major region that was meant to be balkanized was the Eastern Region. And this was to reduce the unanimity of the Eastern Region. Unfortunately, they ended up breaking up all the regions in order to send power to the center and make the regions powerless. They inadvertently made the country powerless and turned it into a giant cesspool of laziness and corruption. And the poverty capital of the universe.

The Eastern Region had seceded by January 1968, the military government of Nigeria went on and dissolved the Regions in May, created 12 states and carved up the Eastern Region into 3 states. In fact, I gathered recently that the Civil War might have been called off earlier but for the carving up of the states which infuriated the Government of Biafra that had been hitherto prepared to go into a Confederate System with Nigeria.

The creation of states was a military decree and patently illegal. It broke up the regions, made vassals of the states and totally against the spirit of the agreements at independence! In fact, the rule of the Caliphate was cemented when the Western Region did not protest and reject like the Eastern did. The regions failed when the Middle Belt Movement did not fight for a region like the Midwest did! The regions dropped the ball and allowed the caliphate-military to destroy the regions and the autonomy of regions. By 1976, seven more states were created by the military. All these were encoded in the 1979 Constitution.

Just look at us now; 36 little states of no developmental consequence! 36 beggars, 36 bureaucracies with hundreds of thousands of staff duplicating the same bunch of nothing! 36 states that cannot survive without pocket money from a federal government that deliberately handicapped the parent regions. Millions of people whose factors of production were sent into the Exclusive List and made to look like Residuals of their parent regions....the states are actually a residue of a once glorious era where regions had initiatives and pushed the boundaries of development. The federal government destroyed them all just because they wanted to destroy a single individual! When you hear "stupid", please answer in the affirmative; it describes the very essence of Nigeria! A stupid federal government with a Constitution meant for animals! And we kept quiet all these time and allowed the country to be ruined by criminals? Damn!!!

All activities from the illegal suspension of the 1963 Republican Constitution, to the creation of states, to the foisting of illegal Constitutions on Nigeria, were neither by Parliament North Referendum from the People of Nigeria. By international convention, the 1967 and subsequent balkanizations are illegal, the suspension of the 1963 Constitution is illegal, and the use of the 1999 Constitution is illegal!

The Lawyers know this! The proceeds of criminality are illegal (they've got a Latin phrase for that). For all intents and purposes, by International Law, Nigeria as constituted, is the proceeds of a crime, and thus, illegal.

By legality, until the 1963 Constitution is set aside by the People (through Referendum) or by an act of Parliament (a Parliament set up by the 1963 Constitution), Nigeria remains an illegal entity! And anyone that gets into government through an illegal 1999 Constitution, is a criminal. Why should I help a criminality for goodness sake?

We are firmly on the Path of Destruction! Either we #restructureOrBurst or self-destruct.

The Legal Luminaries are invited to educate us on the legality or not of the 1999 Constitution. We call it an illegality, a fraud and the proceeds of a crime. It is a crime by International Laws, what is it to you, the Law?

I shall not validate a crime with my votes; that's tantamount to aiding and abetting the crime! Aiding and abetting a crime is corruption; and we are fighting corruption, ain't we?

The Path of Destruction 7

The federal government relentlessly pursued the absolute control of Nigeria by passing as many decrees as possible to leave no one in doubt that the Abuja Government has absolute powers. In the inordinate pursuit of absolutism, not only were the regions completely destroyed but they went after the grassroots!

Government in the villages, towns and cities had been by the Native Authorities before 1960. By 1960, the Native Authorities had mostly been evolved into Municipalities. It was at the Municipal level that real development took place especially in the Eastern and Western Regions. The Ibadan and Port Harcourt Municipalities readily come to mind. The famous Water Corporation in Ibadan was a municipal affair. Port Harcourt earned the name "Garden City" due to the penchant of the municipal government for beautification and neatness. The municipalities built schools, graded roads and virtually catered for their towns and cities. The municipalities were the bedrock of the regions; the taxes and incomes of the regions were driven by the municipal governments. All the proceeds from Cocoa (in Western Nigeria) and Oil Palm in Eastern Nigeria, or Rubber (in the Midwest) were driven at the municipal level. The municipalities directly collected the taxes, took their portion for self development, and paid agreed percentages to the Regional Governments. Everyone was happy. The Nigeria the citizens saw was through the prism of the municipalities. The municipal governments knew about all the residents, scholarships were given to deserving students; the local police knew the local criminals, roads were maintained if not paved, and life was generally organized.

War broke out in 1967.

The Caliphate won the war, but Nigeria lost. The conquering Caliphate-Military took over Nigeria. In the bid to curtail regional powers, they destroyed the regions. They didn't stop at that, they had to destroy the very fundamentals of the regions: the Municipalities!

The government of Gowon outlawed the municipalities and created the Local Government System in 1975. He called it the Local Government Reforms Act. Here, the organic municipalities that had evolved from self sustaining chieftains before 1900 which had evolved into Native Authorities then the effective municipalities were completely wiped out and replaced with a Local Government system which epitomizes a complete lack of governance!

With the advent of the Local Government system, governance at the grassroots disappeared for good. The citizens, that had hitherto been totally dependent on the Municipalities as the only direct government of note, have been left without any government of sorts since 1975! The citizens lack protection, direction, development or anything of governance whatsoever! Nature leaves no vacuum; criminal elements simply filled the gap left by the municipal governments; and the rise of the Tout commenced in earnest!

Our towns and cities now appear like war zone so or refuse dumps (depending on where you stand). And the citizens left helpless! For anything to happen at the local level now, it must be either through some UNIDO intervention, a stroke of luck from the federal government, or a merciful governor. With the removal of the municipalities, the standard of living of the citizen plunged into the abyss, dug deeper, and went straight to hell! Life became the Survival of the Fittest...and civilization was rolled back several centuries!

With the destruction of the municipalities, the capacity of the locals to collect taxes disappeared! Of course, the federal government having seized all factors of production, has to provide a little monthly allowance for the local government. A paltry something that's not worth the trouble!

Poverty soared, and Nigeria sank.

Oh! After the destruction of municipal administration in Nigeria after the war, most Easterners were despondent and disorganized; this was also in the Midwest Region (at least the Igbo side). Folks emigrated in droves to the urban centers. The idyllic urbanized cities soon became overwhelmed and slums developed everywhere; alongside crime! To give some sorts of succor, Town Unions appeared; a self-help government type in almost all the villages, towns and cities across the Midwest and East. The Town Unions in most places ARE THE ONLY FORM OF GOVERNMENT KNOWN TO MOST LOCALS. The Town Unions provide schools, roads, primary health care among others for their various people. I know this first hand for my old man was involved; and virtually sponsored the whole Town.

One needs to see the Chapter 5 of the 1999 Constitution to see the roles assigned to the Local Governments, and realise what an idiotic Constitution that is. It's a disgrace!

This illegality is codified in the Chapter 5 of the 1999 Constitution. In fact, the section should never renamed "how to ruin a people"!

That was how the federal government employed the fear of a resurgent Biafra to kill municipal administration in Nigeria, killed Regional Administrationd and choked off city development across the country. All these illegalities are codified in the 1999 Constitution. That's the Constitution that every president, governor, senator, or whatever must employ once you allow them to sneak in through elections. That's what they ask us to validate; to cement our poverty institutionalize it, and give it legality! Devils!

I reject the 1999 Constitution in its fascist entirety! We must #restructureOrBurst. In the quest to self-destruct as a country, Nigeria has the unchallenged gold medal! No sane country could be this stupid; it is not possible elsewhere!

The Path of Destruction 8

Recall that the Southern and Northern Protectorates had been merged in January 1914 as an amalgam of two EQUAL partners. The Southern Protectorate was split into the Eastern and Western Regions in 1939 by the British. For the sake of equity, the equality shall be between the North and the South. For the sake of argument, each of the Southern Regions ought to be individually equivalent to the Northern Region.

The Northern Region claimed superiority due to landmass. The claimed population is very dubious. Again, the Northern Region claims the whole of the Middle Belt as a vassal region whose only use is to make up the numbers to give advantage to the far North who are a distinct peoples and cultures from the Middle Belt people.

Despite all the parliamentary and regional challenges in the early 60s, the Middle Belt was going to have their distinct region. The Ahmadu Bello Government of Northern Nigeria put down the rebellious Middle Belt by shooting protesters. The Eastern and Western Regions stayed out of the way; the Midwestern Region got created in 63/64 via referendum.

War broke out in 1967.

The Caliphate won the war, Nigeria lost spectacularly.

Without being challenged, the Caliphate set out to remodel the country according to their whims and caprices. Having got their way in breaking up the regions in 1967 and further rendering freedoms illegal through various decrees, all these were codified into the 1999 Constitution and slammed down the throats of non Caliphate Nigerians. Biafra had the misfortune of losing the war and putting the non Caliphate Nigerians in no fault of theirs.

Of course, One Nigeria is claimed in the Preambles of the Constitution. In fact, to secure One Nigeria and make all have a sense of purpose, the Section 158 (1) created the Federal Character Commission. So there ought to be a balance of Federal Character between the North and the South as it was in 1914. In the Section 3 of that Constitution, 19 states were carved out of the North and 17 from the South. With the FCT, that's effectively 20 states for the North and 17 for the South!

Dear Readers, has the Section 158 (1) not been contravened by the Section 3? Is there a federal character in the distribution of states?

If you feel it doesn't matter, the creation of 3 more states over the South effectively gives power to the North! Of course, the states were created by a Caliphate-Military interest and do not reflect the actual desires of the Peoples of Nigeria. In that alone, the constitution is very anti-South and anti-unity. The Section 3 is supported by the Part 1 of the 1st Schedule which ultimately pitches the North against the South.

But that's not all....

There are 774 Local Governments in Nigeria. There ought to have been an equal number of LGs as the numbers have ultimate meanings in the allocation of federal constituencies and revenues. The South has 355 Local Governments while the North has 419 Local Governments! Very instructive number; 419...reflects what Mother Nature thinks of that Constitution.

With the number of states and local governments illegally distributed to the North, they are mandated in the Part 1 of the Concurrent List to have almost 60% of all revenues. Their contribution to the Treasury is zero percent! Where's is Justice in this?

And to prevent the South from having control over her own destiny or have any chance of using that Constitution to amend the Constitution, the number of states and local governments gives the North 58 senators against 51 in the South, and 187 Representatives in the House against 173 in the South. With this, any bill to amend the Constitution for equity and justice dies a natural the First Reading!

That Constitution is anything but worthy, or fair. It is an unjust Constitution that makes the South a vassal state of the North, and prevents the South from seeking redress through constitutional means!

The very reason for the bids for secession by the Yoruba, Igbo, Niger Delta and most Southern Peoples is the 1999 Constitution. It is a Constitution of Disunity. That Constitution is an insult to One Nigeria; it is a monument to the violence of the Civil War of the 60s...and if equity is not addressed soon, that Constitution would simply lead to another devastating war... And the indices are obvious to allow even the blind.

The 1999 Constitution pitches the North against the South in perpetuity!

We must #restructureOrBurst as we couldn't keep on sitting on a timed-bomb. The 1999 Constitution is a programmed disaster waiting to explode.

I shall not validate that evil.

The Path of Destruction 9

I'm yet to see a people so bereft of any sense of history as people in this geographical space called Nigeria. Of course, we know some of our history, unlike people in sane countries however, we view history with detachment and learn NOTHING from it...little wonder the country is closer to Somalia and Afghanistan in spirit!

Mr. Anthony Enahoro had proposed in 1953 that Nigeria be given independence. The Northern Members of Parliament protested that Nigeria wasn't ready. In 1958, North finally agreed to independence with the last motion by MP Remi Fani-Kayode and a date was set. But what happened between 1953 and 1958?

The Northern Region wanted Sharia Law encoded in the Independence Constitution of 1960. They wanted to be governed by Sharia Law and not the English Law. The Eastern and Western Regions vehemently disagreed. This led to a stalemate.

Reasonable folks would have observed that it would be an uphill task to be a secular country, but of course, we are prone to say 'let's have THIS first, we shall come to THAT later'. Does that sound familiar? SMH.

So they allowed the British to talk them into some negotiations which led to some accommodation; the Penal Code; which was basically a variant of Sharia Law was adopted for the Northern Region while the Criminal Code, after the English Common Law, was adopted for the South!

Thus two different countries, with two different Legal Systems, were mischievously cobbled as one country. They called it Nigeria! Two Legal Systems, One Country. The table was set for disaster!

And disaster did come...

Ahmadu Bello declined to be the Prime Minister; he remained the Premier of the Northern Region, and nominated his deputy (Tafawa Balewa) for Prime Minister. With this alone, the Southern Regions should have resisted of declared they would rather not be a country with Northern Nigeria. But they were eager to have independence, so they made a Pact with the Devil and went through with One Nigeria.

That Nigeria commenced. The regions were all minding their individual businesses in the South. Ahmadu Bello, an Islamic fundamentalist, Fulani irredentist and extremist, had other designs. It was domination and islamization. And he went about it with determination.

Ahmadu Bello was the de facto ruler of Nigeria; he controlled Tafawa Balewa and got the Prime Minister to pursue the agenda of Usman dan Fodiyo. That agenda is called the Northern Agenda nowadays.

Tafawa Balewa started interfering in the affairs of the Southern Regions. He was always pushing for more powers for the Prime Minister. Ahmadu Bello was spreading Islam in the Northern Region with gusto. Tiv Protesters were shot. Islamization was a clear and present danger.

Rather than the Southern Regions to take a firm stand, they did not. Military hotheads couldn't take it any longer. And coup de etats were a fad in those days...a coup was executed in January 1966, Balewa and Bello were killed...alongside some collateral damage. In July 1966, a revenge coup was carried out. Ironsi was killed alongside over 500 prominent officers and prominent politicians in the Eastern and Midwestern Regions. And Nigeria went to war!

Dear Readers, Nigeria went to war NOT because Biafra declared independence, but because Ahmadu Bello was determined to Islamize the country, and dominate it completely. Ahmadu Bello said it himself in his own voice (The Parrot Newspapers, October 12, 1960).

Dear Friends, the so-called Biafran War was not a war of Secession; it was a Religious War couched in something else. In 1999, the wishes of Ahmadu Bello were codified in an evil document, and rammed down the throat of Nigerians. Nigeria is now firmly on the Path of Destruction. Unless we #restructureOrBurst, the country would implode and burn.

Let us get our headache out of the sand and reason together. We are sitting on a keg of gunpowder while smoking Daura weed!

The Path of Destruction 10

In October 12 1960 Ahmadu Bello said, the new nation Nigeria shall be an estate of Othman Dan Fodiyo our great grandfather, we will use the minorities in the north, and we will take the south as our conquered territory, we will never allow them to rule us and we will prevent them from ruling over themselves...the video of that interview is available.

His grandfather, Usman Dan Fodiyo was an immigrant from Guinea who was welcomed by King Yunfa of Gobir as an Islamic scholar. In 1808, Usman dan Fodiyo convinced the Hausa people that King Yunfa was corrupt. The people turned against their king and supported Usman dan Fodiyo to kill King Yunfa and declared himself the Sultan. Islam became the state religion, the Hausa owners were subdued and the city renamed Sakwato (Sokoto). Not long after, Usman dan Fodiyo declared Jihad and started attacking other Hausa towns, downwards to the South. Every town that fell had an Islamic General (Amir...Emir) installed.

The British defeated Fodiyo's Madhis in 1903. And the Jihad came to a halt...briefly. The Mahdis were absorbed into the West African Frontier Force now renamed the Nigerian Army! Recall from the Contradiction Series how the 4th Battalion was birthed? Escaping Hausa slaves caught by Colonel Glover and converted into soldiers in 1861. The Nigerian Army was birthed in Islam.

But I digress...

From the statement of Ahmadu Bello as shown in paragraph 1, he acted in such a way as to cause other regions to be alarmed. The only region that constantly challenged his claim to superiority was the Eastern Region which was about 50% Igbo. Igbo officers were involved (alongside others) in the coup that eliminated Ahmadu Bello and his Tafawa Balewa. The Igbo were not forgiven for challenging the powers of the 2nd Mahdi (Ahmadu Bello) and their claim to dominance.

War broke out in 1967.

The Caliphate won that war, but Nigeria lost spectacularly.

The Caliphate proceeded to mold the country in their own image and likeness, and even single handedly wrote the 1999 Constitution, and rammed it down our throats! The 1999 Constitution is an Islamic Constitution. Nigeria is an Islamic country; do not be deceived.

What Ahmadu Bello and his grandfather failed to achieve, has been achieved and codified in the Constitution. Never mind the fact that the Constitution says in Section 10, that there shall be no state religion. In Sections 275 to 279, the Sharia Law was enshrined therein as not only a Legal Code for Nigeria, but Islam as the Official Religion of the Nigerian State!

The government of Nigeria sponsors pilgrimages to Mecca, builds mosques in government offices, registered Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic States, pays dues to Islamic organizations worldwide, subscribes to Arab loans and joined OPEC (an official Islamic organization for oil producers; never mind that Venezuela is a member).

Never wonder why the security forces and other federal organizations are dominated by northern Muslims. It constitutional! According to that 1999 Constitution, Nigeria is an Islamic State! And we reject it totally! That is why we refuse to participate in votes legalizing that Book of Lucifer!

Call this Hate Speech if you want; we dare you to deny History, and deny the Sections 275 to 279 of the 1999 Constitution, or deny the sponsorship of pilgrimages to Mecca, or deny that Nigeria is not a member of OIC. We dare you to deny that Nigeria is an Islamic country. We dare you!

Dear Readers, the Boko Haram terrorists derive their legitimacy and motivation from the Sections 275 to 279 of the 1999 Constitution. The Fulani Terrorists masquerading as herdsmen derive their strength from the speech of Ahmadu Bello, and the spirit of the 1999 Constitution which is all about the Dominance of the Islamic Caliphate! It is all constitutional!

We must #restructureOrBurst. And quit supporting a constitution rigged to destroy us all. With the 1999 Constitution, we are firmly on the Path of Destruction.

The Path of Destruction 11

Absolute powers corrupt absolutely! It's a cliche, really, but nowhere is it as true as shown in the 1999 constitution!

With the conquering Caliphate, the 1999 constitution was brazenly written. Numerous people do not realize it yet but the ONLY way that Constitution could stand is with the backing of the Military! Without the Military, that constitution would collapse like a pack of cards. And that's why there had been so much tension in Nigeria since 1999. There has been precious little nation-building since the return to a seeming civilian administration; the 1999 constitution is ONLY sustainable with military might. Without the overt threat of the military, alongside the secret police and other organizations of control, this constitution wouldn't last 24 hours!

If FORCE must be employed to safeguard a constitution, does it reflect the spirit of democracy or oneness? Of course, not! No democratic constitution needs force to uphold.

But some would tell you this was a federal government; that the states were the federating unit and and all that. Even some that attended Law Schools and were called to the Bar spew this fallacy at times. Federating states? Seriously?

A Federation is not a creation of a super power but the creation of the Federating States or Regions. Tell me, when did the 36 states ever come together to AGREE to federate in a union called Nigeria?

There are no federating states here; a conquering Caliphate created the states in Nigeria and made them vassals of the Caliphate! In fact, the states are so inconsequential that they have ZERO powers to legislate for themselves! The Sections 176 to 211 of the 1999 Constitution actually legislate for the states! The Sections 270 to 284 even legislate on the Judiciary of the States! With an INEC created by the Section 153, the people of the states can NOT even conduct their own elections to determine their governors, reps or senators! The federal government controls the (s)election of their political officers through INEC! The states MAY BE allowed to make Laws but subject to oversight by the National Assembly! The imbecile that wrote the Constitution ought to be outrightly shot at sight!

There are no federating states in Nigeria but Bantustans that exist at the pleasure of a Caliphate-Military Establishment! The federal government has no right, no Locus standi, to legislate on or for the states, and no right to determine their ways of life. The federal government in all sane countries, is an agency of the federating units. In Nigeria, there are no federating units but vassals of a cruel, cheating, lying and totally despicable federal government!

My Dear Friends, the absolute powers obtained by the Caliphate after the 1967-1970 Religious War have absolutely corrupted the scions of Usman Dan Fodiyo. That absolutism is reflected in the 1999 Constitution, and impacts on our daily national life. Whether folks openly admit it or not, more than 85% of Nigeria are angry with Nigeria and would want to see it dead, if not restructured.

My personal decision to quit participating in further elections under this structure is from a well informed perspective. I cannot know what I know about this structure and its obnoxious Constitution, then go ahead to validate it. It is impossible!

We must #restructureOrBurst, that 1999 Constitution would cause an implosion in this country soon; let's work together and put it down rather than pretending all is well or would be better after some subsequent elections. Elections since the 1940s have done nothing for us and shall do nothing until we resolve our differences and agree on how to live. That's called Collective Agreement popularly known as the Constitution. Is the 1999 Constitution a Collective Agreement? I know it isn't, but do you?

We are on the cusps of disaster; let's work to avoid it.


The Path of Destruction 12

I've seen arguments about the suspension of Mr. Salami; the then president of the appeal court by the then President Jonathan on the recommendations of the NJC. It was said to be "constitutional" as against the unethical suspension of the erstwhile Chief Judge of Nigeria, Onnoghen.

I beg to differ a bit here:

The Section 12 of the 1st Schedule establishes the Federal Judicial Council which has the input of the president in 12(f). The FJC has powers to recommend disciplinary actions on a judicial officer recommended to the NJC. In the Section 21 of the 1st Schedule, the NJC "takes the recommendations to the President"!

In the Section 231, the appointment of the Chief Judge of the Federation is also based on the recommendations of the NJC to the president!

The Section 20 of the 1st Schedule gives powers to Chief Judge, appointed by the president, on the recommendations of the NJC to constitute the NJC!

My dear readers, the 1999 constitution, has carefully INSERTED the President of Nigeria in the Judicial mix in all aspects of the Judiciary. Despite the nebulous statement of the Section 158 that states the independence of the Judiciary, the President has been surreptitiously made to Lord it over them!

He appoints the Chief Judge...
On the recommendations of the NJC...
But he appoints the NJC by default...
Because the NJC is headed by the Chief Judge he appointed!

The NJC "recommends" to the president...the operative word here is "RECOMMEND".

He's at liberty to reject or accept the recommendations! The Constitution was not explicit that he accepted any recommendations! See?

So, the removal of Justice Salami by the President Jonathan being praised by fellow Reformers might have been constitutional in the wordings of the hated 1999 constitution. But in the Spirit of Separation of Powers, it was a disgrace!

The point here is that the Judiciary ought to be ABSOLUTELY independent of the EXECUTIVE! In a truly democratic constitution, the president is not supposed to be in the Judicial mix by any stretch of the imagination! The NJC, FJC and all others should be totally self-governing with ZERO input from the President!

With clauses carefully distributed all over the Constitution, the president has the Judiciary securely under his feet! The painful part is that the Judiciary actually believed it was independent...until recent times when doubts we're created the presidential assault on some judges. Then all doubts of lack of Independence were cleared when the president dismissed the Chief Justice, and the Chairman of NJC and replaced same with his stooge!

According to the 1999 constitution, the independence of the judiciary is an unfortunate fallacy! Why do you think the Presidents of Nigeria mostly ignore court rulings with zero consequences? There is nothing like tge Rule of Law to the presidency; the President is the Law! No where is it true as Nigeria, when Louis IV proclaimed, as the King of France in the 16th Century, that "le etat, c'est moi"...I am the State! In Nigeria, the president is the State and above the Law!

With the backdoor control of the judiciary by the president, Nigeria is firmly and assuredly on the Path of Destruction!

The 1999 constitution is a fascist document, and has no atomic of democracy in it. That's why it must be discarded before it sets this country ablaze!

We must #restructureOrBurst...the bomb is ticking...

The Path of Destruction 13

The president has immunity from prosecution in the 1999 Constitution. Even if he should behead the Senate President in Eagle Square, he is immune to prosecution. He could prejudicially remove a Chief Justice of the Federation and replace with his Imam that studied Sharia Jurisprudence in Afghanistan. Whatever extremely serious crimes he could commit, the only "court" where he could be tried is the Senate!

Could the Senate really put a Nigerian President on trial? Let's explore the facts:

The Section 143 of the Constitution provides that a president be impeached for gross misconduct. The process takes about 4 months. The Chief Justice of the Federation must set up a 7-man panel to investigate the allegations against a president!

On being indicted, the president faces the national assembly to answer to his charges. Afterwards, a two-third majority is required in the assembly to impeach the president.

Here's the reality:

Section 5 gives all executive powers to the president. He has the powers to appoint the Heads of all the Security Agencies, EFCC, CPC, etc. He controls the Judiciary by proxy, he appointed the Chief Justice by legal/constitutional gymnastics. He employs Executive Orders when he so wishes. He controls the Treasury.

The president of Nigeria at any point in time is not a mere mortal; he's a god! But what if he be accused of gross misconduct? Only the Senate could put him on trial and discipline him.

To put him on trial, the Senate needs a 1/3rd majority to ratify the allegation. Maybe that could be mustered. So the Senate writes to the Chief Justice to set up a panel. Okay na...which of them? The letter runs into hot waters and the Senate President that transmits the letter is given the Dino Treatment.

Let's assume the CJN by some miracle set up the 7-man panel to investigate the president. If I were on that panel, I would declare that I died a day before and be excused! You see?

But let's assume the panel did hold and the president was indicted. So he was called to appear before the Senate, I am certain that the DSS, Airforce, Infantry, Civil Defense and all others would appear in his stead. In fact, no member of the National Assembly would appear that day as they would all plead family emergencies or plead that INEC should recall them that day through their constituencies.

But by some stroke of luck, the president did appear and the Senate decided to vote. By virtue of the North/South divide already enshrined in the 1999 Constitution with 58 to 51 members in favor of the North, a 2/3rd majority would never be! Take 12 core Northern states and observe that they have 36 senators. With that alone, the 2/3rd requirement is defeated.

....and so on. You may reverse it and do the same for a Southern president; same results. 12 states from the Southern part and the president stays!

Yes, some people could say that the Senate and others should lobby for votes and all to get a 2/3rd to impeach a president, right? As you lobby, some of you would have treatments so bad that Senator Dino Melaye would weep for you...others would simply disappear!

Oh! On the current president, he made his gambit about 3 weeks to the 2019 elections. The impeachment process takes about 4 months. It wouldn't get off the ground before elections. If it did and continued towards May 29th when he would be sworn in as president, a new Senate is convened and the whole process collapses like a pack of cards!

My dear friends, you CANNOT impeach any president of Nigeria; most definitely not this one! It is a Mission Impossible. Time we quit being emotional and got real. The 1999 Constitution is a lockdown document cleverly woven with mischievous clauses. You can't get past that document to effect a restructuring. It is a mission very impossible.

You don't impeach a president in Nigeria; you pray (sic!), after all that's all we do in Nigeria; we pray! SMH...

To get the country restructured, it would NEVER be through the instruments of the 1999 Constitution; I solemnly assure you. Yet, we must #restructureOrBurst; that's as certain as the sun rises at dawn.

It's time we reflected on that Constitution and the futility of elections hoping to get a critical mass into elected offices to change that Constitution; it's not going to happen!

That Constitution has placed Nigeria solidly on the Path of Destruction; the only solution is to discard it totally or torpedo it! Caressing it while hoping that someone Messiahs would come to change it is worse that Waiting for Godot! The 1999 Constitution MUST go!


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