Playboy who ‘slept with 6,000 women’ dies while having sex.63-year-old Maurizio Zanfanti suffered a fatal heart attack while having sex with a Romanian tourist

Italy's most famous playboy dubbed the "Romeo of Rimini," and who claimed to have slept with over 6,000 women in his lifetime, reportedly died doing what he loved best: having sex with a woman. 63-year-old Maurizio Zanfanti suffered a fatal heart attack while having sex with a Romanian tourist in the back of a car, and despite the intervention of paramedics, his life could not be saved.

As the news of his death spread around the country, tributes poured in for Zanfanti, with the mayor of Rimini, the beach-side city where he is said to have begun his exploits, saying that Italy had lost "a legend of the night." However, none could have summed up his life better than Bologna newspaper Il Resto Del Carlino, who reported, "Zanza died after doing what he did best — loving women."

According to the New York Post, Zanfanti was serial womanizer from an early age and had started sleeping around with numerous women in 1972 when he was just 17-years-old. Then as a promoter at a nightclub called Blow Up, his responsibilities involved using his good looks — he boasted olive skin and luscious, flowing yellow locks — to chat up mainly German and Scandinavian tourists in the street and convince them to come inside.

During the winters, he would spend his time in Scandinavian countries, working for tourist agencies and working his magic on any women he came across. He claimed previously that during his prime, he would sleep with as many as 200 women during a summer, even suggesting he had managed to seduce a French journalist who was supposed to be interviewing him.

He proved to be so popular amongst the ladies that some of his former lovers even erected a wax statue of him in a Swedish town. The Post reported that he was also a guest of honor at a Rimini nightclub when a group of Swedish women who had first visited in the 1980s flew back in for a reunion.

Zanfanti's notoriety for sleeping with women was so well known in the country, that in 1986 when he was supposedly at the height of his prowess, the Italian newspaper L'Espresso named him "Italy's most successful lover." But he stated during an interview with German newspaper Bild in 2014 that he was retiring from the game and that at 59, he was getting too old for it.

But it seems that he couldn't stay away, though wherever he is now, he will have no complaints about how he went. Zanfanti is survived by his 80-year-old mother, Teresa, his brother Loris, and sister Mara. 

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