Mr. Tinubu, please Spot the Resemblance,Dear Mr. Tinubu, take a good look at the pictures below, WHO EXACTLY DID YOU HELP MAKE PRESIDENT?

After the 104 days Medical Tour in the UK in 2017, the seemingly remarkable recovery of Mr. President had me thinking...terminal prostate cancer? That took away my best friend in 2016. I was familiar with how aggressive it could be...

Many things didn't add up. But I couldn't care less. Then Nnamdi Kanu dropped the Jubrin bombshell. I was about his sharpest critic on that well-publicised video. SMH...
But even by Nigerian vile standards, impunity went into over-drive...killings and thievery everywhere! National interest be damned! Buccaneers baring fangs in Aso Rock.

We saw snippets of the refreshed President. Skin as smooth as that of a new-born baby, improved diction, chubby, maybe a little squat. We shrugged off the doubts; could be stem cell treatment...
Then he started avoiding public engagements...travelling for conferences and not attending them. The rumors grew...doubters started paying more attention. Could this be true?
Then Mr. Kanu resurfaced and homed-in on the Body-Double once more. The presidency kept mum in their arrogance. And a supposed rumor was allowed to grow into an international scandal. CNN, BBC and several international media houses have homed in. The presidency keeps mum still save the pathetic attempt in Poland which served to escalate it even further.
All the presidency needed to do was to shut Mr. Kanu down and completely disprove him! Rather than do that, they kept mum! In other countries, the president addresses his countrymen periodically. Aso Rock hides its president and keeps him away from public glare. The rumors gained traction and started becoming a reality. Now, the world is interested.
We supposedly have a national assembly that ought to have oversight on the presidency. All the national assembly needed to do was to invite the president. But we have a Constitution that makes a god out of a president! The god cannot be questioned!
So we ain't certain we have a foreign president with access to all our national secrets... Maybe selling them to Cameroun or directing Chadians to annex Borno State! We ain't certain whether a foreigner has colluded with criminals to make away with our Treasury; the rate of stealing is mind-boggling anyway.
The loud silence of Mr. Tinubu makes one wonder; wasn't it his intention to ease Mr. Osibajo into the seat hence his inexplicable passion to install the Tall One? Why the silence? Why is the establishment silent while the world is asking questions?
Dear Mr. Tinubu, take a good look at the pictures below, WHO EXACTLY DID YOU HELP MAKE PRESIDENT? Please Sir, kindly spot the resemblance! Which among the two is your own president?

Baron Roy 

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