Dear ladies, Please, no matter how rich you are, be HONEST about what you want in life.Linda has collaborated almost EVERYTHING Kemi said about her

Do let us know when you need a man in your life or you will end up like my beautiful sister Linda Ikeji!

I am ashamed to read the same Linda who pointed out that WEALTH is the key to happiness and not Marriage, suddenly making PUBLIC appeal and SOLICITING for a husband, after her SECRET boyfriend dumped her and her baby 😭😭😭

Linda should have let the sleeping dog lie!

In all that she's said, all I can say is that Kemi wasn't a liar after all.

Linda has collaborated almost EVERYTHING Kemi said about her and her relationship with Sholaye

I still need to know who got her engaged, since she didn't mention in her DEPRESSION motivated long article that Sholaye engaged her.

Did she just make her sister Laura a bloody liar, because it's Laura that broke the news of her engagement to the world?

Did she just reveal that she's a liar too because, she sat and received congratulatory messages when the news of her engagement hit the net?

In fact, Linda disappoint me, nyeneken confusion!

It's such a shame reading her revelation......biiiiig shame!

I am happy for her, for her bundle of joy but then, she LIED her way into SINGLE MOTHERHOOD and that could be one of the reasons Sholaye dumped her.

Not every man could trust his future with a woman who speaks from both sides of her mouth. A woman he's sure that her life is a lie.

I hope her family is strongly by her side because what I just read reveals a BROKEN WOMAN..... DEPRESSED LINDA 😭

She where hide and seek, fake life, strong woman, etc, left her a lovable Linda!

Read her shameful piece πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Anwulika Udanoh

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