Nigeria has an Apartheid-like Constitution,#restructureOrBurst.Is just a Common Sense.Nigerians have failed

Nigeria is a poor country; heavily indebted, with little or no development, with very miserable and dirt poor people 90 million strong. Disease is rife, strife is a norm, there is a vast disconnect between the rulers and the people, government doesn't exist here. We have warlords masquerading as elected leaders. The people have no power. The same set of thieves raping the country for 60 years. It is a colossal disaster!

The 1999 Constitution is the bane of all that assail us. But most Nigerians have failed to realise that if the country were to abrogate the 1999 Constitution and revert to a semblance of the 1963 Constitution, the country would develop at a frenetic pace and justice would be the order of the day. But in our ignorance, we have allowed the 1999 Constitution to subsist and that Book of Lucifer is doing its best to ruin us all. And it's succeeding.

The South Africans battled relentlessly to topple the Apartheid Constitution. Without guns but the force of conviction, that Constitution was toppled. Today, Nigerians emigrate to South Africa.

Nigeria has an Apartheid-like Constitution, rather than fight to topple it, they search for Messiahs to make an impossibility work. No wonder they rest of the world think we are crazy!

We fight ourselves to elect the next set of political goons, rather than fight those who hold the evil constitution as a book of. In our carelessness, we have left the very object that has spread poverty all over Nigeria like Greek Apple Jam on Agege bread to pursue inconsequential elections just so that our own goons would win and help us wet our beaks. Elections or not, that Constitution remains. And as long as it remains, nothing would change.

Common Sense says that should you encounter a snake and a scorpion, you eliminate the snake first then take your time to combat the scorpion. In Nigeria, we pretend the dangerous snake doesn't exist while befriending the Scorpion! In my language, that's insanity!!!

However long we play the ostrich, we must

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