BRITISH GOVERNMENT AND NORTHERN CABALS CAN NOT DECEIVE IPOB.Questions Begging for immediate response for we are not fools, we deserve better.

Do you know that Nnamdi Kanu said in his life broadcast that, that thing in Assorock is not, the real Buhari Nigerian voted for? , he said his name is Jubril from sudan and that original Buhari was dead and buried in Saudi Arabia and that even Atiku the officially nominated presidential candidate for PDP cannot swear with Quoran that He is not aware without dying under 12hrs.
Could this be true??? if not, why did all Nigerian media kept mute in these huge allegations and couldn't summoned this imposter to clarify or verify if it was true or not and why the presidency couldn't utter a statement to rebuke all these allegations if otherwise ????

Why should a great nation like Israel allowed Nnamdi Kanu to make such an utterances and even grant him an interview on national TV on Sunday asking him on which kind of sovereign nation he would like to have and yet Nigeria government are yet to respond ????

Why British government never apologise for sending condolence messages to Nigerian government over the death of their president???

Why didn't Nigerian government compel Britain and world leaders to withdrew their condolence statements????

Why didn't queen Elizabeth of England presiding over the country that Buhari died in never apologise for her condolence message to Nigerians ???

Why after his meeting with president Donald Trump , Donald Trump call him lifeless man and vow never to set his eye on him and the presidency keep mute without uttering a word?????
Can you still remember Rev Fr Mbaka New year broadcast?? in which he uttered that he heared a cry in Assorock and that crying was made for the North, and later around few mouths he came up with another prophecy?? He said that, The person in Assorock is not the Buhari Nigerian voted in that he's been hijacked , the videos are there.
And Do you know that they withheld And hijacked Mbaka Account after that statements????
Do you still remember Fr Mbakaogu latest message that this imposter has to be changed or He will be disgraceed out of Assorock?? . He cried with tears flowing from his two eyes kneeling as he was proclaiming that, Buhari has to go to Vatican to beg for Forgiveness from Pope or go to any of Pope representative in Nigeria and beg for Forgiveness for the blood of Holy men and women sheared under his watch and if he fail to , he said that, we should watch closely on how Buhari impersonator will be disgraced out of office, which is or about suffacing like certificate saga which Nnamdi Kanu said that, it was a means and organised plan for them to disqualified him and secretly return him back to Sudan and replace Atiku Abubakar in exchange hmmmm "Ndi zoo', are you not smelling something here??? an exposure that's about to blow is beyond unimaginable let's keep watching as Nnamdi Kanu has vow to stop him from escaping freely just like that .

Why is that, the formal president Buhari who used to travel around the world with his wife Aisha and children suddenly after his return from 3months medical vacation from England as claimed by Lie Mohammed changed and never again had we seen him around his children and wife as usual . The worst part, Aisha distance herself from coming closer to him and do you know why Aisha was kept away from granting interview to media after she said that her husband nolonger the man she married to ???

Why is that, ever since this Imposter took over Assorock, many strange things has been happening in Assorock like rat chasing him away from the office and dead people are been included in his appointments,billions of dollars continuously missing, national borrowing from here and there keep rising despite huge recovery of many ex rooters like Abacha funds, he hunt down any opposition that dare to speak or challenge his leadership , Nigeria economy keep sinking faster than Titanic ship , hunger here and there which Nigeria has never experienced since this fraud Almalgamation and APC his party suddenly became a refuge and All Saint party for all the rooters of public funds and criminals ???

We have many questions begging for answers.

The world is watching, the allegations are too heavy and costly to be sweft under carpet.
This allegations are too heavy for Nigerians to be ignored
The country is sitting on time Bomb ready to blow.
All Hail Biafra.
We are too smarter for this nonsense only the uneducated Northerner can be fooled not me.

IPOB/Nnamdi Kanu

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