THE REASON WHY MUSLIMS ARE KILLING CHRISTIANS IN NORTHERN NIGERIA Please IGBO forgive us for wrongly supporting Hausa Fulani Muslims during Biafra war

Please IGBO forgive us for wrongly supporting Hausa Fulani Muslims during Biafra war because the deceived our grand parents with the name of north....please we are Christians, Catholics, Cocin,Anglican, Baptist and many please help us we are not Hausa Fulani Muslims we are Christians with tribes in the north central in Plateau, Benue we have 53 tribes in Plateau state alone which are all Christians

The point of discussion today is the middle belt term north central which comprises of plateau, Benue,Nassarawa,Abuja,Kogi,Kwara and Niger.
In plateau state the have 53 indigenous tribes the highest in Nigeria which are 94%Christians and 3% Hausa migrants who resident in wasse and 3% Muslims who are indigenous tribes who are in kanam! Many people think plateau state is Hausa Muslims land no is not true!!! Hausa Fulani Muslims are itinerant chameleon!! When you ask him were is he from he will tell you I am from Bauchi,The same man if you meet him again he will tell you I am from plateau if you mistakenly meet him again he will tell you I am from Kaduna continuously..what is certain about Hausa Fulani Muslims is that the like dominance of Islamic religion so the are hospitable but all this hospitality when the issues of religion arise you will be the first to be killed using the term "sabowa da kaza bata hana yanka"" meaning (familiarity with a chicken does not stop you from cutting that chicken) which is no matter your relationship with Hausa Fulani Muslims when the blood thirsty religion arise and demand for war(Jihad) you will be killed as this killing is called ethnic cleansing for a reward in heaven of 80virgins which prophet Muhammed saw has promised them,the are persecuting Christian in the north so that the will takeover plateau state so the systematically start with the majority tribe called Berom and the want to takeover that tribe and takeover the local government and to enable them rule the state because Benue and plateau are the only Non Hausa Fulani Muslims state that is a Christian state rule by Christian so it is denying them the opportunity of claiming states for them to subdue Nigeria in general claiming the are more populated than any region which is lies.the Hausa Fulani Muslims you see claiming the are more populated than any region in Nigeria is something the use as a tactics: Whenever their is a census one Hausa Fulani Muslims will be counted 10-15 times he will mask himself with a turbine that thing the tie on their head and the Niqabs their ladies wear as ninjas which you cannot see their face nor identified them,when it comes to voters card individuals register in different polling units and in various States with different names and faces that are covered with mix thumbprint(computer students will understand it) making them to be more populated than any region... Has it occurred to you that killings is always in the north yet the are still more populated than any region why? Ask yourself.... The one to captured Benue, Plateau state to enabled them have control over Nigeria Indirectly.. Keep update with me for next part

Hausa Fulani Muslims are made up of only seven States '' Banza Bokwai'' so plateau is not Hausa Fulani Muslims.... The are Christians with 53tribes and Benue have tribes not Hausa Fulani Muslims even nassarawa is just the tribes in Nassarawa that are into Islam but the are not Hausa Fulani Muslims....... The fact that British use Hausa Fulani Muslims as labourers in plateau mining because the were submissive and the Hausa language became popular not that plateau people don't have tribes.. The have their indigenous tribes which are number 53.......plateau state is a Christian state that is been persecuted because of Jihad and Islamic agenda supported by Buhari....Fulani's are killing people in the farm,villages while the Hausa who are in the corridors of power are supporting them financially and politically by providing coverage for the station military to aid and abait this killing.... The military target youths and strong men while Fulani kill the women and children and government dominated by Hausa defends them......Hausa is different from Fulani but the both practice Islam as a religion so the are group together fighting for religious course so both colluded the Hausa in office while the Fulani in the villages and the military protecting the both and buhari and other great Islamic leaders like Danbazzau are supporting for the religious cleansing which starts with genocide of Berom and continuously to other tribes in the north and Benue then to Nigeria which is their target.....

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