Matters Arising So people are jubilating now that Mr. Atiku has clinched the presidential primaries of the PDP after trying for 25 years

Matters Arising

So people are jubilating now that Mr. Atiku has clinched the presidential primaries of the PDP after trying for 25 years to do so. It's a celebration galore for the PDP and the "atikulated" crowd. To them, the presidency has been clinched? Well, not so fast...

Out of the 12 aspirants, Atiku was the least educated with Diploma in something...and he defeated all those with exotic degrees. Great! The fact remains that the minimum qualification for elective positions must be raised. We conducted a poll on this wall recently and there was unanimous agreement by 95% that's the minimum requirement be raised to at least a university degree.

Southerners, smart, ugh? And we have ended up with two Fulani candidates. One supports the killings by the Fulani Terrorists while the other has NEVER condemned it! I'm certain that FGN stands for the Fulani Government of Nigeria!

By the way, how do you intend to win the presidency? By hoping that by some stroke of luck, INEC would tow the path of honour? Sowie... We see data and it doesn't lie!

And oh! I heard from the grapevine that PDP and Atiku shall depend heavily on votes from the Old Eastern Region and the Mid-West, then depend heavily on the South Western votes? Okay, let me reveal a secret to you; we ain't voting until we had this structure changed. Maybe you've not seen the memo yet but the Old Eastern Region wouldn't turn up to 20%. Same with the Mid-West, the South West would hardly turn up 35%. INEC shall assign the rest to Buhari and his APC! He's doing a good job dismantling this country and causing mayhem that would lead to dissolution. Why change him? 😀! Oduduwa, Biafra and Niger Delta do not give a damn any longer. The Middle Belt is only half interested! How are you gonna win? Buy us all? You ain't rich enough! 😀

Dear PDP and Atiku, we shall not participate in your elections. If you like, make the Obi of Onitsha your VP or the Alake of Abeokuta. The only way we could consider helping you would be for the PDP and their presidential candidate to sign agreements with us implementable within 6 weeks of attaining office, that the 1999 Constitution must be set aside, and that Senator Saraki should go back to the Senate and do the following:

1. Rewrite the Electoral Law to remove the powers and influences of the president
2. Restrict the federal police to state capitals and allow state Police right away
3. Remove the military from the streets and send them to the barracks
4. Separate the Judiciary from the presidency such that the president shall not nominate any judge any more, and the salaries of judges carried out by an Independent Department of Justice not responsible to the presidency
5. The federal police should be removed from the presidency and made independent answerable only to the Law and IG arrested and jailed for breaching human rights by an independent court.

Senator Saraki doesn't need to wait till after elections to get these 5 items done. And the PDP should not think they would somehow get us to help them to remove Buhari if we don't get these agreements.

We are sick and tired of being toyed with. Atiku and PDP, if you don't carry out these demands, all we need do is keep up with our anti-elections campaigns...And you would lose gallantly!

What, shall it be? You play or you don't? It's our turn and we have no intention of letting this go, mister!

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