Just Look Around You... And observe your immediate surroundings. Then cast your mind to great cities across the earth

New York
Buenos Aires
...and so much more.

These are beautiful places, with fantastic systems which bring forth good leaders and happy electorates. Compare yourselves with those people; are YOU happy as a voter?
Compare your cities with those mentioned above; is yours as developed or soothing?

Now compare our political system and how the scum are maneuvered into leadership, could those near imbeciles that the system throws up make good leaders and bring development?

Look around you and check the primaries of most political parties; ask them to publish the names, qualifications and pedigree of their selected candidates and you would be shocked at the array of dunces and crooks that are vying for position! All constitutional. How could such detritus bring us development for goodness sake? How could those idiots out-think the world leaders?

Maybe we are sold on the lie that we are an isolated country; we aren't! Other countries are in competition with us daily. And as long as we do not produce the best, they simply use their policies within their own countries to weaken us and cart off our resources! With the low-IQ so-called leaders we generate, they're unaware of these policies and international trade and have no counter policies to protect us! That's what's been happening for 60 years! We are enthroning stupidity!!!

Look around you, the parties, the electoral system and the structure are so ridiculous that they do not serve our purposes. They serve only those elected. Yet, we validate this nonsense even when we know it's of little value?

What in tarnation is wrong with us? We ought to be demonstrating against the Constitution now and not helping to enthrone rogues and imbeciles!


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