Greetings, I would like to highlight on a matter not too many of us are aware of.before wishing one another happy independent

WE fought colonialism but we did not change their systems. It is not rocket science to understand that this means all we did was change the face of the oppressors while still maintaining their systems all to their own benefit.

Kwame Nkrumah said...

 " In place of colonialism as the main instrument of imperialism
we have today neo-colonialism.
The essence of neo-colonialism is that the State which is subject to it is, in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside."

The reasons you see presidential candidates promise you the world during presidential campaigns but perform differently when in office is because their policy is directed from outside.

We then call them greedy and selfish politicians and repeat the cycle every time we have elections.... We come back and elect the same kind of politicians in countries based on borders the colonizers gave us.

You need to understand that the reason Afrika is exploited is because we have been divided based on various aspects primarily being imaginary borders the colonizers gave us. It is easier to exploit smaller countries than one BIG United country.  We keep electing the same kind of leaders because those leaders and we the general Afrikan population have been programmed by our colonizers to think and act that way. We have done nothing to change that and essentially do our colonizers job for him with passion, some to the extent of killing each other.

Bare in mind Kwame wrote these things 60 years ago and for some of you this will sound very familiar as you watch your leaders do these things. He said in his book 'Neocolonialism'...

"The methods and form of this direction can take various shapes. For example, in an extreme case the
troops of the imperial power may garrison the territory of the neo-colonial State and control the
government of it. More often, however, neo-colonialist control is exercised through economic or
monetary means. The neo-colonial State may be obliged to take the manufactured products of the
imperialist power to the exclusion of competing products from elsewhere. Control over government
policy in the neo-colonial State may be secured by payments towards the cost of running the State, by
the provision of civil servants in positions where they can dictate policy, and by monetary control over
foreign exchange through the imposition of a banking system controlled by the imperial power."

Was it not recently we saw a named Neo - colony in Afrika commission Chinese men as constables in their police force?

To correct this degenerative state of the Afrikan mind which has been programmed to be the source of Afrikan suffering, WE  need to HAVE control of the information that reaches our minds.
At present all information we digest is either from our colonizers or their cronies.

Our educational systems are based on false history of ourselves,  where we are depicted as primitive and the colonizer as advanced, we do not know the true history of the world even when current studies and findings show that civilization began in Afrika.

Being trained to view ourselves in low esteem and the colonizer and those like him in high regard,  we are trained to serve him and not innovate, that is why we have all sorts of engineers, architects and the like who graduate to simply be employees of someone else.

That is why we havent even invented a simple brick making machine.

The media is the western world's number one tool for mind control, this is done by controlling your perception. They know that your perception is responsible for shaping your interpretation of reality and therfore seek to control it. In true essence you actually become what you watch on TV.

You cannot deny this, your fashion sense, preferences, ideological stands, morality and more are all defined by the subliminal and overt impressions of the media you are exposed to.

They shape your subconscious mind which is responsible for your habits and character while your conscious mind is being entertained.... "it's just entertainment" you often say.

Though a hard pill to swallow first thing one needs to realize is missionaries on missions for their monarchs or state leaders during the colonial Era were responsible for the first stage of programming the Afrikan mind to be subservient. These people targeted the children and discontinued in the Afrikan the oldest continuous culture by replacing it with theirs Christianity . The same applies with the effect of Islam in North Africa and that's why more and more of North Afrika is increasingly becoming less and less black.  Religion lays a false foundation of a false reality that sees us again looking down on ourselves and looking outward to others, above that it gives a central figure of salvation  that makes us feel equal to the others we are programmed to look up to. Without that central figure Afrikans even exclaim and affirm  to themselves that they are nothing.  Worse still Afrikans have been taught that earth is not their home thus leaving all responsibility and earth's riches to other people... No one cares for the planet after all its not theirs they say....

Can you manifest greatness and rise to a leadership position in the world with this kind of programming in your mind that literally governs your thoughts of which your thoughts govern your actions?

Do you understand that to change your actions you need to change your thoughts?

Do you understand that to change your thoughts you need to change your sources of information?

If you can comprehend things at this level then you have a responsibility on your hands, change some thoughts and reclaim Afrikan glory.

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