VERY EXPENSIVE SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA: A waste of money.Only a fool dont know this open fact

I have followed the list of the best 20 WAEC candidates for a few years now, and you SELDOM see any student from any of these expensive secondary schools in Nigeria.

A vast majority of the best WAEC students are usually from public schools, unity schools, and average or low cost private schools.

This is despite the fact that many of these very expensive private schools hire "machineries" to aid their students with external examinations.

So, here is my question:

What is the point of paying N3-million a year for a primary or secondary school student IF a student who pays N100k/term has s higher tendency of beating your child hands-down, in any examination conducted under a FAIR condition?


You see, I attended a unity school; FGGC Kabba to be precise. I paid N0.00 for tuition for ALL my years in second school. Paid N1,500 as boarding fees for the first few years, and N4,500 for the last few years.

Still, in ALL my academic years of finding myself in same class with some who attended expensive secondary schools, ONLY ONE could beat me. And that one is my Facebook friend (She wouldn't want to be tagged).

She studied Aerospace Engineering while I studied Mechanical Engineering in same University in the UK. We were in same class for a better part of our studies. She graduated with an "undebatable" first class honors degree, and either the overall best or second. She is the only one of many Nigerian expensive secondary school grads that I can admit has beaten me academically.

A vast majority of those who have beaten me in class at some points in my educational pursuits are actually from PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS, which includes community secondary schools, unity schools, and low cost private schools.

My younger brother spent the first three years of his secondary education in one of the most expensive secondary schools in Benin City. My parents had to withdraw him before he graduates as an airhead. My mum is still of the opinion that those three years in that very expensive school almost damaged him academically. He finished in a public school, as a much better student.

Most of the best academics and scholars that I know are from public and unity secondary schools in Nigeria. And these are the cheapest secondary schools in the country.

You see, I'm a person who deals with means and results.
If you ask me to pay N3-million for a child in a country with such level of poverty, I need to get live value for my money, and I need real life results.

You have to prove to me with actual statistics that your students are the most academically grounded and brilliant in the country.
You have to prove to me that my child will score As and be able to defend it anywhere in the world.

Nah... I won't pay such amount just because you added "fake British accent" class to your curriculum. Or because the richest kids are in your school. The results I want are the ones that have to do with academic excellence.

I have a VERY STRONG OPINION about expensive secondary schools in Nigeria. And although I might ruffle some feathers, I will state it here. You are free to disagree.

1. Excessively expensive secondary schools in Nigeria are a waste of money and resources.

2. They do NOT have the most qualified teachers, because they can't pay... since their common priority is to maximize profits. The most qualified teachers in Nigeria are in public and unity schools. Because only state and federal governments can afford to pay them.
These private schools employ fresh graduates with no teaching experience. Just to save cost. Only a few good ones employ some retired teachers of public schools who have spent better parts of their productive lives in public and unity secondary schools.

3. Most (if not all) of them do NOT give you half the value for your hard earned money which you pay in tuition for your children.

4. Nigerian private schools are all about brands and name prestige of how much money you've got, not about the child's intellectual and academic long term wellbeing, which I believe should be the priority.

For instance, if Beyonce opens a clothing line full of low quality rags, it would sell, and obviously be one of the most expensive clothing lines on earth. NOT because of the quality (which might be relatively low), but because of the brand name. The ONLY value you get from it is the name, nothing else.
When it comes to real clothing quality, you might even find better ones at Yaba and Onitsha markets.

The private schools seldom produce the best WAEC and JAMB students.
They seldom produce the most academically well grounded students at the long or short run.
They are most likely to engage in malpractices in external examinations.

So, tell me, what the hell are you paying for?

I'm curious, and open to knowing what I don't already know.


PS: My three siblings and I did our University education in the UK on international tuition rates (Go find out the cost). If my parents could afford that, they could have been able to afford the most expensive secondary schools at the time.

So, delete that thought that I'm demonizing these schools because I couldn't afford them.

I have stated my arguments. It's either you agree or state your arguments without coming up with cheap mundane lines.

 By Nkechi Bianze

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