The Unseen Elephant in the Room,As huge as the elephant still remain unseen

As huge as the elephant is, people who are determined to deceive themselves pretend that the elephant doesn't exist even when they are in the same room with it!

Obafemi Awolowo said: Nigeria is a mere geographic expression..
Nnamdi Azikiwe said: Let's forget our differences and live together...
Ahmadu Bello responded: No, let's remember our differences and work out modalities of living as neighbors!

Nigerians, their forebears, now pretend that the differences are not there! We pretend that the unitary system is alright so we should organize common elections to elect a president that would EXACTLY mirror our collective average differences! How's that possible?

That's why any president that makes it into Aso Rock is fought by others who have different cultures, religions and dispositions with him! We are pretending there aren't differences? We play too much!

Buhari seems a disaster to Southerners, but the best thing to have happened to the world after Mango juice to the Northerners! Who's right?

No matter how bad Buhari could be, his Northern brothers would rally him in all directions, from INEC, to Police, Military, Police, DSS, judges and what have you! Our Presidential elections are not elections in the real sense but WAR!!! We had never reached the tipping point but always close! And this time, we seem to have arrived! And we still pretend the elephant in the room does not exist?

We don't need a president in Nigeria; we don't need a presidential election, we don't need the 1999 Constitution. We shall continue to fight ourselves due to our differences until we self destruct!

We need to loosen the unitary system and live slightly apart. According to Odumegwu Ojukwu, it is better to live slightly apart and survive rather than live in a forced unitary Union and kill ourselves!

We have proposed a Peoples Constitution that understands our differences and builds on them for our collective good...but have we recognized its potentials?

We must appreciate our differences and quit pretending our differences would go away! They shall not!!! And each time you validate the system with your votes under this structure, you're culpable in the death of the next batch of people to get killed!

Elections are not our problem; the structure is!

Baron Roy

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