The Peoples Constitution 6 (Features, Fears & Hopes of the Proposed Peoples Constitution)

So in Chapter 1, Section 3 of the Proposed Peoples Constitution, we posited that after the 210 parliamentarians must have been elected directly via elections conducted by the constituencies themselves, the Parliament shall be convoked.

Of course, the party with the largest number of parliamentarians shall be invited by the Chairman of the Senate Advisory Council (who doubles as the president) to form a government. The head of the party with a clear majority shall be Prime Minister. In the case of the party not having 51% of the parliamentarians, it shall go into alliance with other parties to form a government within 30 calendar days. In the case of the impossibility of the party to form a government, the party with the next largest number of parliamentarians shall be invited to form a government within the stipulated time.

Now, all the Cabinet Ministers shall be members of the parliament. All cabinet must take part in daily parliamentary issues. The most interesting aspect of this proposal is that ALL DECISIONS OF THE CABINET shall be decided by the Parliament. On no account shall the Prime Minister take any decision without Parliament approval. The Prime Minister, shall thus be a real servant of the People and NEVER a god as we currently have. Proclamations, negotiations with other sovereigns, and others, shall be jointly agreed upon in Parliament and NEVER unilateral actions!

And of course, if the Parliament no longer had confidence in the Cabinet, a simple vote of NO CONFIDENCE is passed and Parliament is immediately dissolved for new elections to be called within 30 days!

Oh! We hear some people groan about the cost of such elections? Not at all! Since elections are now organized by the constituencies themselves, the cost would be negligible! The total cost of elections among the 210 constituencies in the Federation would hardly hit the 5 billion Naira mark as against the current (sic) 200 billion!

The advantages of this are:
1. An incompetent government could be sent out immediately by Parliament rather than the People to be saddled with such crass for 4 years
2. Elections are cheaper
3. The Prime Minister shall be first among equals and not a god
4. The government shall fear the People and not the other way round
5. All activities of the government shall be actively regulated by Parliament.

What this means is that the People would be in charge! The government would only be an agency of the people. The erstwhile arrogance of the government would be non existent! The Rights of the Citizen to control governance is restored.

We are convinced that this method of government, shall bring about a seismic shift in governance, and restore the Pride of the Citizen! This, we think, is the fastest way to a responsive government and a participatory electorate. This in our view, is democracy!

Would we prefer this method or go on with having presidential gods?

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