The Peoples Constitution 5 (Features, Fears & Hopes of the Proposed Peoples Constitution)

The very essence of people participation in a democracy is not just by the act of voting itself, but by the very choice of the electorate being made to stand. The Choice of the People shall be the ultimate choice for all and sundry.

May I inform readers here, that the last time a credible election was carried out in Nigeria was before 1960? All elections since 1960 had been mired by massive fraud and accusations of fraud. The freest and fairest of 1993 was purportedly the best but still fraught with irregularities. Elections have been a thorny issue in Nigeria and hardly reflect the choices of the people but the choices of the Federal Government...mostly. That is why a politician or political party would boast of being capable of winning elections even without the electorate but with their "structures"... Structures...hmmm...

During the course of our researches, we discovered that national elections in several developed countries are actually local; the federal government does NOT conduct elections in those countries! The constituencies conduct their own elections complete with ballot papers and their own electoral committees. The conduct of the US presidential elections shocked us to the bone marrows! Little wonder why elected officials in those countries exist in mortal fear of the electorate!

On this premise, the Chapter 1, Section 4 of the Proposed Peoples Constitution was dedicated to the Electoral System.

In Section 4, it was proposed that there shall only be an electoral body that sets national electoral guidelines, that has no power over the registration of parties, that does not print ballot papers or organize elections! Theirs would only be to announce the dates, and announce the results from the constituencies. That is where their participation ends. This conforms with International Best Practices! We had NEVER had an election in Nigeria but shams!

The National Electoral Agency shall be made up of elected people from the Regions. They shall report only to the Senatorial Advisory Committee. It is a free agency of the People.

In the new system, the 21 constituencies within a region shall be determined by the Federating Region. Each region shall agree within itself and delineate the constituencies, and submit same to the National Electoral Agency.

Each constituency shall now organize its own election on the day. Each electoral body shall be made up of the political parties participating, the traditional rulers, and members of the municipality. They shall choose a chairman among themselves. All candidates shall be from among them. They shall print their own ballots. And they shall conduct their own elections in the full glare of all. The winner shall be announced and the result transmitted real time to the Electoral Agency.

It is funny really, that this is how we conduct elections in our various Town Unions! What we call town union elections are actually constituency elections! In a constituency, the elections are among kinsmen...kinsmen conduct their own elections. Everyone knows everyone else. In such elections, rigging is almost is rare! The winner of the constituency election becomes the representative of that constituency in the National Parliament!

With this method, the Will of the People stands! For goodness sake, why should a federal government get involved in elections involving kinsmen if not for fraud, divide and rule, and other vices? We shall conduct our own elections and determine who represents us!

The greatest advantage of such system is that the elected representative represents his constituent with everything he has! Another advantage is that the best actually wins! With this method, there would be nothing like political "structures" or federal might! The reign of Abuja and their local touts is stopped in its tracks! Most constituents would automatically produce technocrats and intellectuals. One of the representatives in Parliament becomes prime minister. I am certain all constituencies would elect their best by default. The annoying issue of "zoning" dies a natural death...permanently!!!

Oh! And there shall be no constraints on the registration of Political Parties; the freedom of association as espoused in the Chapter 12 ensures that.

The Section 4 stops the federal government from deciding the representatives! Power would now actually belong to the People for the first time!!!

Is this proposal not way better than the current fraudulent system that produces monsters loyal to Abuja and not the people?

Shall we go with this or go with the old system?

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