The Peoples Constitution 4 (Features, Fears & Hopes of the Peoples Constitution) Chapter 1

In the Section 2 of the Peoples Constitution, we have proposed that each region shall contribute exactly 21 representatives each to the Parliament at the centre. With 10 regions proposed, the total number of parliamentarians at the centre shall be 210 persons. We also went on further, as gathered from our findings, that there shall be an upper house called the Senatorial Advisory Council which shall be made up of 30 Senators; 3 each drawn from every region. Every 7 federal constituencies within a region shall produce exactly one senator each!

Why has this been done?

Recall that 5 regions each have been proposed for the Northern and Southern divisions respectively; with equal representation for all regions, the North and the South shall produce exactly THE SAME number of parliamentarians and senators! This is a corner stone of the Equality of Regions!

Equality of Regions does not take cognisance of population in any way whatsoever. In the current Nigeria, the issue of population has been employed to devastating effect! With dubious population figures, some areas had been given greater advantages more than the others. Whereas the 1999 Constitution had employed the vexed issue of population to propagate the Principle of Proportional Representation, the Peoples Constitution seeks to set aside that principle and has adopted the Principle of Equal Representation.

Proportional Representation had wrought inequality in Nigeria and it has been a major reason why peace eludes this country. If there must be a Union, then it must be a Union of Equals and NOT a master/servant one!

The Principle of Equality as espoused in the Chapter 1, Section 9 of the Peoples Constitution, is the ONLY panacea for a peaceful union if ever. Without the Equality of Regions, Nigeria has no reason to exist! With the Equality of Regions, the population of a region is immaterial as a seeming small region like the Benue Valley shall be EXACTLY equal to a seeming large one like the Odua Region!

With this principle of Equality, all federating regions of the Federation of Nigeria shall exist at the Federating Parliament in the Centre as EQUALS! Equal Representation in Parliament; equal representation at the Senate! Then we could speak about being a Union of the Federating Regions! With this, the Peoples Constitution outstrips the 1999 Constitution in decency, fairness, equality and justice!

This, we have found from the different peoples as a panacea for remaining in the Union! Equality or NOTHING!!!

Do you agree or disagree?

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