The Peoples Constitution 3 (Features, Fears & Hopes of the Proposed Peoples Constitution) Chapter 1

In our interactions over the years with various peoples across the Federation of Nigeria, we observed that different peoples are more loyal to their ethnic nationalities and affiliate cultures than the artificial states and local government areas. In fact, most people see the so-called military carvings as a tool to get some from the oil income than a tool for development. People of different languages and creed profess to be officially from a particular state, but are absolutely loyal to their ethnic nationality.

Dear Readers, no one is loyal to the state. That is a major reason why any ethnic nationality that attains power in a state attempts to develop people their own kith and kin rather than the states.

Again, majority of Nigerians believe that the ethnic nationalities ought to be the federating entities and not some unnatural creations.

Yet, we understand that it might be an herculean task to have federating regions along dialectical lines in some cases. So we got to know that some have cultural affiliations and language structures. With those boundary conditions and to balance the number of regions North and South, we came up with the following:

i) Odua Region (for all Yoruba speaking People)
ii) Bendel Region (for the Benin Kingdom, Urhobo Kingdom, Esan Kingdom, Isoko Kingdom, Itsekiri Kingdom) and their affiliates
iii) Ala-Igbo Region (for all Igbo-speaking people)
iv) Atlantic Coast Region (for the Izon Kingdom, Kalabari Kingdom, Ogoni Kingdom & Bonny Kingdom)
v) Calabar Region (comprising of Anang, Efik, Ibibio, Ogoja, Ugep and their affiliates)
vi) Benue Valley Region (Idoma, Tiv, Junkun and all areas from the Benue Valley along the Eastern shore of the River Niger to the Yola
vii) Kainji Region comprising of the Nupe, Ebira, Igala, Gbagi, and all areas from Minna to Kotangora and to Lokoja)
viii) Plateau Region (from the Eastern Plateau to Southern Kaduna, Nasarawa and their affiliates)
ix) Arewa Region comprising of of the original Hausa Bokwoi states from Katsina to Kano, Zaria, Sokoto to Yaure)
x) The Kanem Region (comprising of the old Kanem-Bornu Empire from Maiduguri to Hadejia, Gombe & Bauchi).

Do note that there is nothing cast in stone; this is a proposal as carried out by the SNC. The overriding aim is to balance the number of regions North & South and ensure a balanced Union.

This proposed draft constitution seeks to balance the polity. The proposed regions effectively removes the injustice of the inequality of the North having more divisions than the South and thus, an untoward advantage in a country that wants peace.

Do you agree or disagree with this?

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