The Peoples Constitution 2

The Lower Niger Congress and the Movement for New Nigeria have been in the trenches with the federal establishment for over a decade. These two groups have been at loggerheads with the federal government over the illegality and the unsuitability of the 1999 Constitution. Samuel Onyemachi and Tony Nnadi tell us how a case against the 1999 Constitution had been filed in a federal court since 2007, yet the federal court, on the instructions of the federal government, has refused to hear the merits of the case but have kept it in the cooler for over a decade! It is impossible for the Citizen to exercise his fundamental rights or his Civil Liberties Rights under the 1999 Constitution. A Constitution which makes it impossible to seek redress in courts is an unjust constitution! If there were ever doubts that the constitution has to go before further elections, the experiences of the MNN and LNC have dispelled those doubts!

In Switzerland, any citizen whatsoever could effect a change in the constitution by giving notice and garnering just one hundred signatories. In Nigeria, 180 million people have found it almost impossible, for constitutional hearings to take place. That is a breach of the Universal Declaration of Fundamental Human Rights!

I had been disillusioned with all these political parties juggling for positioning. NONE OF THEM IS ON THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE! Do not be deceived; all they want is to be the new inheritors of the Abuja Throne, then pay lip service to constitutional and structural changes. The 1999 Constitution is a LOOT that seduces even the most saintly, as long as your political party is the inheritor. In all these, the Will of the Citizen is immaterial.

Dear Readers, I must confess herewith that over the past few months, the Southern Nigerian Communities Organization as well as a few other well-known organizations across the Southern Belt, had been working on a Draft Peoples Constitution along the lines mentioned in the Part 1 of this series. We have a working document. All that have been posted on this platform have been related to the Constitutional Review being done in the background. It has cost us time, money, emotions and blood! But we do have a draft!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we shall share the draft with all and sundry beginning today. It behoves us all to study this draft, call regional or national constitutional conference, and have THE CONSTITUTION OF THE PEOPLE!

Power belongs to the People and not to Aso Rock, Abuja, the Caliphate or the Military! We want our own constitution, written by us, signed by us and adopted by us! The People own the Power; unless we realise this, we shall continue to be duped by our very servants!

As a People, let us rise and compel the courts to actuate our civil liberties by hearing the case filed against the 1999 Constitution in 2007! Let us ensure that constitution be set aside NOW and replace that with the Peoples Constitution! It is our right; if we do not grab our rights, the oppressor would not give it to us!

It is time we quit being partisan, and take the future in our hands! Tonight, Chidinma Perpetua Chikwelu and the SNC shall make the draft copy of the proposed Peoples Constitution available! The power to drive it now resides in YOU...the People!

My work is done is over to YOU! Goodluck, you'all.

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