Nigeria's capital city is experiencing earth tremor, and it is causing panic among residents Earth Tremor is an involuntary movement of earth surface caused by stress in the underground rocks.

Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, is currently experiencing what the authority has described as Earth Tremor, an involuntary movement of earth's surface caused by stress in the underground rocks.
According to reports, the two cities experiencing the scaring earth movement are Maitama and Utako.

The emergency agency confirmed the report in a statement released on Friday, September 7, 2018, urging citizens to take precautionary methods.

What is the cause of Abuja earth tremor?
The FCT Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria attributed the cause to the possibility of "earth tremor", describing it as "a sign of seismic movement within the earth".

"This is caused by sudden breaks along a fault line, which results in a sudden release of energy that makes the ground to shake.

"It is caused by stress in underground rocks and may be due to rock blasting and mining activities in an area," the agency said.

Blessed Fon-do‏, @Laidy_Beeh, in a series of tweets, said the country is experiencing an "intraplate tremor" and “could have been caused by regional stresses due to Nigeria's position between two cratons and zone of weakness resulting from tectonic activities even though Nigeria is on a stable continental crust.”

In the same vein, Sim Shagaya, a Nigerian entrepreneur and former CEO of one of West Africa's largest electronic commerce website, Konga, said the  Abuja tremor was caused by the massive 7.8 earthquakes recorded in Fiji days ago.

“Regarding the Abuja tremors, a massive 7.8 earthquake was recorded in Fiji (and several other locations on the Pacific ring of fire). When an earthquake happens, echoes of the quake can cause tremors to occur in a location at the opposite end of the globe.

“Abuja is almost diametrically opposite Fiji. This is likely what happened. Nigeria is otherwise geologically stable."

Nigeria's Senate leader calls for calm
Bukola Saraki, president of the Nigerian Senate, has called for calm on the recent earth tremors in Abuja.

He implored all relevant agencies and emergency services to be on high alert to prevent the loss of lives and property.

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