Mosquito lodges in man’s nose for days sucking blood,When next, you hear funny noises from your nose, rush to your doctor: It could be a mosquito

A blood sucking mosquito really turned Dracula, when it lodged in a Vietnamese man’s nose for several days.

The man, living in the city of Hai Duong had complained to his doctor of a strange noise in his nose and an itchy sensation and some bouts of malaria.

Doctor Dr. Thuoc who wondered what could have caused it decided to do a nasoendoscopy to get to the root of the problem. watch the video:

He was amazed about his findings: he spotted a live mosquito lodged deep in the man’s nasal passage.

According to the New York Post, the mosquito with a nose for noses had apparently flown up one of the man’s nostrils, likely while he was asleep.

Not only did the insect survive in the moist and cramped (and poorly decorated) interior of the man’s nose, it had grown comfortable in its new crib and had developed ‘curves’ from feeding off the man’s nasal blood non-stop for several days.

Dr. Thuoc, who treated the unusual patient, recorded a video of the mosquito with an endoscope. The insect was, indeed, still alive in the man’s nose. Somehow, the mosquito had survived even after it flew into the man’s nostril and became buried in mucus.

In Dr. Thuoc’s video, the insect twitches and buzzes, but it can’t move because of the mucus in the man’s nose.

Fortunately, the doctor was able to remove the blood-sucking insect with a clamp.

When next, you hear funny noises from your nose, rush to your doctor: It could be a mosquito, that has crawled inside while you were asleep. NAN

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