Interesting stuff and nobody is talking about it why? Whether you agree or not the Southern Belt is endangered.


All the security agencies are manned by Fulani or close cousins. And Fulani Terrorists became bold, killing people and gaining territories. They even come on air to announce it. Now, the Fulani terrorists even threaten opposition politicians...

Oh! When security was more pan Nigerian, the Military went out to search for and destroy Boko Haram enclaves. Security became a Fulani/pan Caliphate affair in recent times, and the Army cowers in barracks nowadays while the Boko Haram searches for them to destroy them in their own barracks!!!

Whether you agree or not is immaterial. The indices are obvious. There's a correlation between the sectional security composition and the ascendancy of Fulani and Boko Haram Terrorists. The Southern Belt is endangered.

Affirmative Action saves societies, not electoral gambling.

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