After 3years in prison, Godwin Okpara regains freedom,Sources close to the former Strasbourg star said Okpara was not well represented in court

Ex-Nigeria international Godwin Okpara will next month regain his freedom after three years in French prison. The former Paris Saint-Germain defender will regain his freedom for good behaviour after he was jailed 10 years in jail in February 2008 for raping a 13-year-old girl under his care.

The French authorities did agreed to release him ahead of the ten year jail term on the condition that he will be deported to Nigeria after his release.

However, his wife, Linda, who jot 15 years for mistreating the minor in question, will still be remained in prison.

Godwin will be released next month on condition that he does not stay back in France, he will be deported immediately to Nigeria,” sources said

In jail,  Okpara who attempted suicide twice   had since become a born-again Christian and  very much engaged in the religious activities in prison.

Tragic star Okpara will see the outside world again with more person tragedy awaiting him as his 17-year-old son is dying of cancer. “

The young boy is suffering from lung and knee cancers and doctors do not give him long to live,” a source disclosed. “

His four children are living with different French families now.”

 His Paris house was confiscated by the French government following his sentence.

 However, he still has a house in Ikeja GRA, which fraudsters have tried to sell to unsuspecting people but for the vigilance of his mentor, Chief Teluwo.

Sources close to the former Strasbourg star said Okpara was not well represented in court during his trials and this led to his imprisonment

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