Top 15 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be A Woman very interesting to know

1. Higher Pain Thresholds
Women give birth and there are very few events in life that rival that level of pain. Women naturally have a higher pain tolerance just for this reason. From the dentist to stubbing a toe, women can handle it better.  Because women have higher pain thresholds they can better use traditional meditation and different methods of physical activity to calm their minds and bodies.

2. Longer Life Span
It is statistically proven that the majority of women live longer than men. Some of this is because of workplace accidents but a good deal of it has to do with illnesses. Women just tend to get sick less and have longer life spans.

3. They Can Hug Each Other
Women are socially allowed to hug their girlfriend’s in public without worrying about what people think. It’s no big deal for women to express affection to each other and they can be open about their feelings without it seeming weird.

4. They Can Cry
Jumping off from number 3, women are socially allowed to cry in public and in private. Women are much more free to express their emotions than men. When men cry sometimes they are seen as weaker or less manly. This is not the case for women; crying is not inherently weak.

5. Ladies’ Nights
There is no men’s nights when they get drinks half off. Some businesses have special sales or events for ladies only where they get discounts and other perks.  Many places also offer ladies perks like complimentary appetizers or priority seating.  It pays to be a woman when going to a club or bar since you can usually get in quicker and without paying.

6. Women Can Use Makeup
Men are pretty much stuck with the face they were born with. Women have the ability to use makeup and different hairstyles to enhance their look, and it really makes a difference. With modern makeup inventions like contour kits, they can transform their look on top of their regular one.  Makeup is a huge part of life, and finding the right brand that goes well with your skin tone and complexion is very important.

7. More Clothes to Choose From
When it comes to fashion women definitely have the upper hand. Men generally can’t wear skirts unless it’s a kilt, and even then sometimes it’s not allowed. Women have access to much more fashion choices and can exercise it with great discretion.

8. Childbirth
Only half of the population has the power and equipment to grow another human in their body and then successfully give birth. This miracle of nature is only available to women. Then they get the ultimate privilege of being called “Mom”, which is magical.

9. Purse Preparedness
The majority of women carry purses, which can hold a multitude of objects. If there is a need for tissue, sunscreen or breath mints, women can provide them from the depths of the purse. It’s like a bag of holding but for every day life.  Purses can also be used as fashion statements which is also super fun when buying different colors, brands, styles such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel!

10. No Baldness
Male-patterned baldness is a condition that haunts men and causes many of them to lose their hair later in life. Women are completely immune to this because of their second X chromosome which protects against baldness.  Women who grow their hair out and keep it long can also do more with it.  There are more hair related products and hair related events that can add value to a woman’s life as well.

11. They Can See More Complex Colors
Women generally have heightened senses that can detect small differences, and this goes for seeing colors. Women can see more differences in shades and hues than men, which gives them a big leg up in any career or hobby involving color like interior decorating.

12. Great Communication Skills
The part of the brain responsible for communication is bigger in most women than it is in men. Women tend to be able to communicate and understand each other better not just through speech, but through facial expressions and emotions.  This can help women be more productive in workplaces, or in relationships.  Women can also make use of different channels of communication more effectively, like email, sms text or direct messaging.

13. Ladies First
In the event of an emergency women and children are saved first, which makes chances of survival much higher. Also there’s the nice societal practice of holding doors for ladies and other courtesy extended to women.  Just another great perk of being a woman in today’s society.

14. Staying At Home
Women have a lot of choices in the modern world; to have a career, raise a family and travel the world. If women want to work from home or be stay-at-home moms, it is a very acceptable role. Stay-at-home dads often get a lot of awkward questions and are much more rare.

15. They Get More Flowers
Whether being wooed by a potential suitor, winning an award or performing in a show, women tend to get more flowers, which is really nice and always uplifting our spirits.  It never gets old to get a fresh set of flowers from a loved one.

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