THE CLARION CALL: Ndigbo return home to Biafraland!,The shame of people asking us to vacate their Land is so alarming

THE CLARION CALL: Ndigbo return home to Biafraland!

As Ndigbo, our genocide at the hands of the Nigerian collective wrongly called a civil war was our collective tragedy. Tragically, Ndigbos did not wake up! Our peregrination to lands afar for survival of all kinds currently at its highest is perhaps the only way we can be safe and grow to our half potentials.

European and ashkenazi Jews in diaspora returned to Israel because a homeland was created for them by the UN and Rothschild family. Create a Biafra homeland and watch with awe as Biafrans all over the world make a beeline for Biafraland the land of our ancestors and turn Biafra to Germany and Japan of Afrika in less than a decade!

Please people stop derisory asking Ndigbo in diaspora to return to present day Eastern Nigeria Republic where the stultification of their potentials are encoded in everyday zoological government diktat. By the way, the human cost to migrate out of the zoo is too astronomical to be flippant about!

The Igboman in Nigeria is like a fish in an aquarium whose growth is limited by the size of the tank.

When we Ndigbo have the collective will to fight for our homeland and actualize Biafra, our beautiful Biafraland shall become our oyster where we shall be safe and never stop growing.

Afamefune Ndudi Adigwe

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