Senator Hope Uzodinma Romance With APC Fix Buhari Anti Corruption War on A searchlight Again

The name hope uzodinma is a familiar one to every Nigeria.Recently a group named Niger delta youths for change Took anti corruption March to Efcc headquarter on first of June 2018 and submitted a petition against senator hope uzodinma same day the held a press conference alerting they General public on their stand for justice for one Mr Chima Akuzie CEO of Chiteks venture. Which Sen Hope gave a cheque of 200 million Naria to be cash from UBA on the 10 April this year, This not politics but strictly business purpose. A payment for service delivered by Chiteks venture to Smiec LTD which Senator hope uzodinma happen to be the chairman. To Chiteks Venture CEO greatest surprise The Cheque was a DuD One. Giving out a bad cheque is an offence in our criminal code, Chiteks venture a firm with over 400 employees has been out of business as a result of senator hope uzodinma criminal behavior. The CEO has took loans which interest has even rise against the profit in expectant of payments which turned out to become a play and can be called a Scam lifestyle of the aforesaid Senator . When buhari came to power the common men felt hope in his words of anti corruption fight. But as time goes by those promise fade off as a dry leaf depart the trees. Senator hope has been crisscrossing from one party to the other for Governorship ticket after putting over 400 family's in poverty and danger The Youth group call on Mr president to act fast and call The Efcc Chairman to respond and bring senator hope to justice and return Nigeria where the common man can feel fresh air without any form of oppression and intimidation. Senator Hope Uzodinma Romance With APC Fix Buhari Anti Corruption War on A searchlight By Niger delta youths for change

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