In memory of Igbo leader's replies to Edwin Clark.... NNAMDI KANU REPLIES EDWIN K CLARK

Nnamdi Kanu rightly replies Edwin Clark for the call of his arrest.
"I don't play the politics of Militancy,Idon't, I also don't play the politics of Amnesty payment,it's of no use, I don't play the politics of settlement; I play the politics of Freedom.
Edwin Clerk never asked me why I am stopping Anambra state election,because if he had asked me why;I will tell him that as old as he is,I want to set him free.
The reason why the so called elders and the Igwes want the election to hold,it's because of the oil allocation, and because of the monthly payment. They don't care about the masses and their suffering,because if they do,they will go to Osibanjo to negotiate the date for referendum instead of election...
Edwin Clerk is fighting for resource control of 13%,may be moved to 15%,Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for resource control of Ijaw people,so that they can control their resources 100% through our freedom"

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