Buhari Anti Corruption War on A searchlight Again,Efcc chairman' Magu Hope Uzodinma Case on Dud Cheque a Test on Efcc Credibility

Mr Magu EFCC Chairman you can not claim not to know that on First of June This year. A group name Niger Delta Youths For Change lead by Prince Crispus Ovoh Jr. Submitted a petition against Senator Hope Uzodinma. Issuing A Dud Cheque To Mr Chima Akuzie CEO Of Chiteks Venture . Sir please Note . This Not APC or PDP battle. It was business between Smiec LTD which Senator hope uzodinma is the chairman and Chima Akuzie CEO of Chiteks Venture. Mr Chairman your credibility is at stake. The continued delay in prosecuting Senator Hope has beam the searchlight on the Commission and ridicule your high office into a media tiger which was not whats Mr president promise to Nigeria. We call on you to make redeem this fading glory of the commission or we will have no other option than to take matters into our own hand, We dont want to see Efcc as been in criminal partnership with our elite leadership and all the pains the have brought on board to kill the hope of common men in their drive to seek justice . Chiteks venture has sack over 423 angry persons and has been put on serious debts line as a result of senator hope criminal behavior to the firm. .. We demand an urgent respond to this. We demand a end to any partnership not on the interest of Nigeria.........Efcc chairman' Magu Hope Uzodinma Case on Dud Cheque an Acid Test on your Credibility By Niger delta youths for change

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