You cannot beat a child and ask him not to cry.

 Everything that has a beginning must have an end and the truth of the matter is that the end has come for Nigeria. Truth be told it will be very difficult to really patronize the Easterners now that the ovation is loudest. Oil revenue has really dwindled beyond our wildest imagination poking enormous fear in the minds of Nigeria simply because they have nothing to live for anymore. What Nigeria as an entity meant for evil against the Igbo nation has become a blessing in disguise and we are reeling from that shocker. The Igbo people are the only ones who are not fazed by the steady diminishing of the oil power because we never benefited from it anyways neither have we depended on it. Our entrepreneurial spirit lives on and has gotten even stronger over these years of deliberate marginalization by Nigeria. We have so much going for us and mind you no one is talking about arms at this point in time but I tell you, the Igbo nation has the full technological know how to manufacture all kinds of arms and ammunition and nobody can take it away from us because it is a gift from God. Nigeria would have benefited immensely from the Igbo people if not for their stupidity and myopia, they thought oil is everything but come to think of it where is the oil located in the East. I don't care how much Nigeria tried to carve out South South using the oil blocks as a tool for divide and rule and all those nonsense. We are a blessed nation and if Biafra is meant to leave today we will be like China in few years. Nigeria as at today is a failed state a jungle where everything is lacking, infrastructure is zero, education is zero, unemployment is the order of the day, the economy has totally collapsed, terrorism is rearing its ugly head in different forms and shapes the latest been the hausa/fulani herdsmen, the President is forever sick going for unending sick leave outside the country, Nigeria is the only country whose leaders go to abroad for medical check up and treatment, what a shame and nobody is asking questions because it has become a norm. What this practically means for the rest of us citizens is that our lives does not matter hence they don't give a damn about health care in Nigeria, its just like telling everyone of us you can go to hell for all we care, yet we are here fighting one another for what I cannot put a finger to. Are we not human beings? Don't we have a mind of our own like other citizens of the world, can't we for ones stand together and fight this inhuman treatment being meted at us by our wicked rulers instead of fighting each other while they sit in their comfortable homes watching fools gallery unfold. They can't even give us electricity which has become a fundamental human right issue. Our leaders are the same people who sowed the seed of discord between our ethnic groups that keep us fighting and hating each other every now and then perpetuated by the dangerous system of divide and rule policies. They know that if we should come together and reason together the center would no longer hold but the irony of it all is that the hatred are seem even more in the lives of the youths of today meaning that it is a disease that cannot be cured anytime soon. Truly there is no light at the end of the tunnel for this nation.

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