Women's council Ward 1 Tips for a lasting Relationships/Marriage

Married man doesn't need sex but submission. Yes!! When it comes to marriage, submission is what men need and not sex. It's time our young sisters know that when a man is ready to marry, he doesn't look at a woman who will satisfy him sexually. But rather a woman who submits to him, who respects him, who listens to him, who sees him and treats him in chief.
 All women have sex, but not all women have humility.*
When you're a humble woman, you're a rare pearl, a hidden treasure, a gold woman. And an integrated man will be afraid to lose you. Unfortunately, many young girls nowadays call for submission, "control" and they say:
* I don't want any man to control me oh!! I do what I want. It's democracy. We're in the 21th century *. Kpa don't have a bad interpretation of the word ' ' Émancipation' '.

Woman, if you don't want to submit to a man, don't think about marriage, because no man with common sense offers his love to a selfish, haughty, rude woman who wants to lead him. When a woman bow to a man, the man opens his heart. It's the submission that really makes you a romantic woman. Be the queen you want to be, but when it comes to dealing with your husband, play the role of a humble maid.
Remember that it's the spirit of humility that makes many "good" take the husband of their boss.......
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