Why Nigeria will collapse, go into civil war – Maj. Gen. Momah

A former Minister of Science and Technology, Maj. General (rtd) Sam Momah has predicted that Nigeria will break up and go into a civil war that may last up to 100 years by 2030.

The one time Adjutant General and Commander, Training and Doctrine Command, pointed out that unless something was done on the current structure of the country, Nigeria was bound to collapse.

Gen. Momah, while fielding questions from Sun, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to act fast and rescue the country from an economy solely relying on oil.

According to him, “So the situation is critical. I don’t understand why somebody will say we shouldn’t restructure. It is not North versus south issue, it is an issue of survival of Nigeria. I believe we must look at it seriously and this is why my second book is on ‘Restructuring Nigeria Beyond Oil.’

“I want to alert fellow countrymen that this restructuring thing should not be politicised. It is a critical thing that must be done, otherwise in 12 years time, in 2030, Nigeria will collapse and we may get into a civil war that might take us up to 100 years to get out from.

“I say 100 years because Sudan has been in war now for 50 years, Eritrea has been in war now for 31 years, Somalia has been in war now for 27 years and these are countries that are less than 30 million in population, less complex Somalia, they speak the same language, they are Muslims and yet the war there has lasted for 27 years.

So can you imagine Nigeria with 200 million people, 350 ethnic nationalities with 50 different languages; if a war ignites to civil war, it will be total. It will take us to about 100 years to get over it.”

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