Why create humans who are sexually diverse and prescribe monogamy?

How do people get married and have sex with only one person for the rest of their lives?

I'm talking about faithful partners. How do they do it?

Who came up with the idea of monogamy? Why? To what end? Isn't monogamy more boring than it actually sounds?

I haven't got any published study to backup this prediction, but I'm drawing my analysis from anecdotal evidence..... more than 1 in 3 people do NOT remain faithful to their partners through their marital lifespans.

Out of the remaining 2 in 3, at least another 1 in 3 of them haven't cheated because of lack of suitable opportunities. Not because they wouldn't if the right opportunity presents itself.

The remaining 1 in 3 are faithful because of their religious or cultural inclinations, blackmail or possible consequences. If guaranteed no consequences, almost all will cheat.

Websites like Ashley Madison wouldn't be making millions of dollars in monthly profits, with a freaking over 51million registered members, if humans were that monogamous.

We humans know that monogamy is as a matter of fact a FORCED concept.

Humans are evidently polygamous/polyamorous in nature. Humans, both males and females are NOT naturally wired for monogamy.

If God so much wanted us to be monogamous, why not lock our brains from being sexually attracted to others, even while committed to our partners?

Why create humans who are sexually diverse and prescribe monogamy? Why not just create us with the ability to only be attracted to one person on earth at every point in time?


In a totally different story, but still a sex related one, read my first comment on this post. I'll make the comment some minutes after I make this post. Titled "
My Threesome Dream".
By Nkechi Bianze

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