When a nation and a people misplace their priorities they become the laughing stock of the world!

When a nation and a people misplace their priorities they become the laughing stock of the world!
Nigeria has the most children without schools according to a UNESCO report BUT our people are building churches, mosques, camp grounds and expensive private schools only a very few can afford! These same children are either christians or muslims, remember!
These same children are the ones you and your gods claim to love! But while you pray, prayer hasn't built any schools. While you cheer your churches/mosques on for building schools, remember these children can't afford them!
Your politicians are taking home millions of dollars home annually. Your government has budgeted and is already spending billions of Naira on food and entertainment at Aso rock. Your first lady is demanding a 4 billion mission house. Your governors et al are riding around in luxury. Your pastors in jets and fancy cars BUT somehow Nigeria still stands the highest with children without schools.
Go around Nigeria and all you see are churches and mosques on every block. If those were converted into schools, wouldn't it be more sensible?
What are our priorities as a people, as human beings? When our children can't go to schools but we've got religious homes on every nook and cranny!
Show me one nation which has developed with churches/mosques outnumbering schools, factories, industries etc!
Show me a race which has invested more in some deity while neglecting its own very people!
Show me where churches/mosques and prayers have produced or invented ANYTHING!
Show me where religious homes have produced professionals, scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, philosophers, thinkers and so on!
Just show me one and then all these insanity and missed priorities can then be justified!
Soon these children will grow and get involved in crime and he likes as many before them have done, BUT we somehow wonder why Nigeria/Nigerians have a negative image globally!
We have failed to invest in our children, our future, our lives - How can we ever develop?
I don't speak simply to hurt your sentiments, NO!
But rather pointing out the facts that lay bare before our own very eyes!
By Teekay Akin [Akin Adeseye]

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