The Shameful Sense of Integrity From Nigeria

Nigeria Air

This kind of model of ownership is only found in Nigeria!
Govt owns 5% but bears all the financial burdens! $300m!
And you wonder why nothing works in this country.

*Matters Arising*

*Air Nigeria/Nigeria Air*

- Who are the owners of the *95%* equity?

- Why is the ownership shrouded in secrecy?

- Why is *5%* equity holder funding the business?

- Where are these fundings *$8m, $300m coming from? Budget? Borrowing*?

- Are the aircrafts under lease agreement? *If yes, for how many years*?

- If it's private investment, why would a *5%* equity holder determine the *name, logo and other trademarks* of the airline?

- Since it's private sector driven, why not adopt any of the existing airlines in Nigeria as the National carrier?

- Are there sinister motives? Sure!  Time shall tell.

Facts that you may need to compare notes:

Other National carriers in Africa.

Fleet size: *40*
Kenya Airways is *48.9%* owned by the   Government of Kenya

Fleet size: *100*
Ethiopian Airways is *100%* owned by government.

Fleet size: *56*
Royal Air Maroc is *100%* owned by government of Morocco

*South Africa*
Fleet size: *47*
South African Airways is *100%* owned by Government of South Africa.

Fleet size: *12*
Rwandair is *99%* owned by the Government of Rwanda

Fleet size: *29*
Tunisair The company is *74%* owned by the Tunisian government

Fleet size: *54*
Egypt Air is *100%* owned by the Government of Egypt

*Nigeria Air*
Fleet size: *Unknown*
Nigeria Air is *5%* owned  by the government .

Even the British Airways was *solely owned* by the British Government until it was privatized in *1987*.

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