Oshiomole Vs Ngige How the war started there conversation

#State of The Nation : Oshiomole Vs Ngige :* How the war started ...

*Oshomole :* Ngige , I will sack you from this party and also as a minister if you don't take time .

*Ngige :* Why such statement from you Mr Chairman . Is APC your personal property ?

*Oshomole :* You are asking me ? If Mr President will take rubbish from your likes , I won't !

*Ngige :* Mr. Chairman Sir, when you denigrate the Ministers appointed by the President  to represent their states in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic , worse,  when you do so in chase of malicious falsehood, more so, when your interest is at variance with public good, you are as well denigrating the President, and bringing your party to opprobrium.

 Comrade Chairman , do you really understand what you are talking about ?

*Oshomole :* you are awarding contracts without board been constituted, it is unconstitutional act .

*Ngige :* Mr chairman better go and study your procurement law,  boards don't even approve contracts as you claim .

*Oshomole : Wait , let me tell you , if you don't constitute about three boards within your Ministry , I will sack you as a minister and also chase you out from the party .*

*Ngige :* Comrade , I think at this point , I have to help you on what your job descriptions are and your limits .

*Oshomole :* I don't think you understand that I am the National Chairman of APC , the ruling party of Nigeria .

*Ngige : There is no controversy over who is the National Chairman of APC which you are , but there is a fundamental issue here .*

*Oshomole :* Ngige , what is the fundamental issue here !? I am asking you !

*Ngige : Oshomole , you talk about sacking a Minister of Federal Republic , I want to ask if you have assumed powers of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ?* You don't have such powers to order a Minister around sir .

*Oshomole:* What do you mean Ngige ?

*Ngige : I simply mean that you are trying to assume the power you don't have ! Hiring and sacking of Minister from his office resides with the President and the last time I checked , you are not the president !*

*Oshomole :* As a Governor of Edo State , I don't take rubbish and I won't take such  now .

*Ngige :* Comrade Chairman , hahahaha *and you forgot that I was a Governor in 2003 in Anambra When you were still carrying play cards ?*
*So don't threatening me with such . I was a Governor of one of the most difficult state in terms of complexity of managing a huge population of rich men and their interests .* Let me even add here that Chairman of Idemili North LGA in a State I was governor is equal to your so called governorship .

*Oshomole :* Political Party is supreme and I will deal with anyone that dare me starting from Mr President to the last member of this party and I mean it !

*Ngige :* My dear , you are also the Country ( Nigeria ) itself . Yes , you own everyone in Nigeria and probably everyone is your slave .

*Oshomole :* If you don't constitute NSITF board , I will teach you a lesson .

*Ngige :* What is Comr Oshiomhole's Interest in NSITF ? Do you have a skeleton to cover , having been NLC President and *Chairman of the board of NSITF* which is a parastatal under the Labour ministry ?

*Oshomole :* What are you thinking Ngige !?

*Ngige :* As a former deputy director in the ministry of health , I know about civil service rules more than a former labour leader you are .So I can not intentionally run foul of the rules .

*Oshiomhole :* Ngige ! Ngige !!!

*Ngige :* This is a serious matter Mr Chairman . By the way , why are you not talking about the *fraud committed in NSITF which is over #40billion ?Do you know something about it as a former board Chairman ?*

*Oshomole :* Ngige , I won't take rubbish from any of you ! Our decisions as  party leaders must reflect in all the government policies especially within Ministries .

*Ngige :* At this point, I think you should be educated on the different roles and powers of Political Parties in  Parliamentary Democracy and Presidential Democracy !
*In Parliamentary Democracy , the Leaders of Political Party that is in power are part of the government and their decisions remain decisions of the Government !*

In Presidential Democracy which we are practicing , it is opposite !
So , retrace your steps !

*Oshomole :* I am not here for you to educate me about my job Dr Ngige !

*Ngige :* Mr Chairman , with all due respect , you don't have right to question Mr President appointees !

*Oshomole :* what do you mean ?

*Ngige : How can a National Chairman of a ruling party that is in election year accusing the President from his party of not doing well ?*

*Oshomole :* When did I do that ?

*Ngige :* When you stated that *" If President can take this , I will not take it ..."*  , were you not questioning the competence of Mr President to hire and direct his Ministers ?

*Oshomole :* that is not what I meant Ngige .

*Ngige :* Better ! But you should be strategic as a National Chairman to know what you dish out to the public because they will pick from the holes you dig .

*Oshomole :* You always carry yourself up like you are above anyone .

*Ngige :* Mr Chairman , stop feeling inferior on how I carry myself .
I am coming from the Medical Constituency Mr Chairman and that should tell you something .

*Oshomole :* I will teach you lesson in this Party .

*Ngige :* Mr Man stop that crap ! That we made you Chairman of this party doesn't give you any extra advantage Mr man !
It seems you are plotting to destroy this party .

*Oshomole :* How ?

*Ngige :* You are asking me how ? You just came and everywhere started falling apart while you are busing chasing shadow .

*Oshomole :* You are taking this too far Dr Ngige .

*Ngige :* Why won't I take it too far when you are destroying the party already just within one month of election .

*Oshomole :* I don't think I will continue with this conversation .

*Ngige :* Better for you. You are not CEO of APC or alpha and omega . You are the National Chairman and the earlier you know this, the better for you .

*Oshomole :* See , I was told to go after you by some interests .

*Ngige :* Then tell them that am the wrong person for such poor script .
 Any way , am off ...

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