Life Records take note

1. They ask you to account for £2.8 billion PTF funds in 1983 you plot and oust a democratically elected govt.
2. They ask you to encourage fulanis to obey grazing laws in Oyo  state in 1989 you threaten more fulani attacks on farmers in Oyo state.
3. They ask you to obey election guidelines and respect election outcome, you threaten that the monkey and bamboo will be soaked in their own blood.
4. They ask you to make a comment about the ruthless Abacha regime, you score it the best in Nigeria history and that Abacha was never corrupt. 
5. They ask you to declare your assets, you say it is not compulsory but quick at persecuting those who declared theirs.
7. They ask you to show your School Certificate as a prerequisite to be President of Nigeria, as an elected President you hire 15 SANS to defend you in court.
8. They ask you to declare your health status, you say it is your privacy.
9. They ask you to account for how much the government is subsidizing your health and how much specifically it cost Nigeria to park a government private jet in UK for months, you  Nigerians have no right to know.
10. They ask you to obey the federal character article as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution, you populate your government with brothers, uncles, nephews, cousins, etc
11. They ask you to be President of all Nigerians, you state that you can only give more to the 95% who voted for you.
12. They ask you to reign in the very murderous Metti Allah aka Herdsmen as their Grand Patron, you say they only carry sticks.
13. They ask you to declare Herdsmen (who have killed more than Boko Haram) as terrorists like you gleefully pronounced IPOB, you defend the activities of the Herdsmen and state that they are from Libya.
14. You where invited to Oputa panel to testify, you claim the panel has no right to invite you.
15. You claim you detest corrupt people, yet your jobless son could afford a N50m worth of motorbike.
16. You claim you are fighting corruption, you win your election through proceeds of corruption (including the resources of those being persecuted today) and still harbouring and shielding all the corrupt elements in your government.
17. You claim you loaned money with which you bought your presidential election form, but all your children went to school  abroad.
18.  You claim to obey the rule of law but Dasuki and others have remained detained despite several court orders to the contrary.
19. They ask you to fulfill your electoral promises, obey the rule of law and generally provide dividends of Democracy, you go after other arms of government, perceived and imagined opponents/foes.
20. You want the Senate President arrested because some dare devil armed robbers claim they are his political thugs when you have not been arrested for being the Grand Patron of the muderours Metti Allah aka Herdsmen that you defend at every given opportunity.
21  You claim to belong to everybody and nobody, but you appoint all service chiefs and heads of security agencies from one part of the country.

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