Kwankwanso is another lost Igbo Son.Imagine your named after an Igbo mans founded town

Kwankwaso town which is in Madobi LGA. Both his home town and LGA were named after Igbo entrepreneurs.

The town of Kwankwaso was founded by an Nnewi-born Igbo man named Chief Felix Okonkwo, alias Okonkwo Kano. At about 1927 he had founded a trading business at the railway tracks approaching Kano. He erected a big signboard reading "OKONKWO & SONS ENTERPRISES". With time, the spot became lively with business activities. The native born Kano people called it Okonkwosons which eventually became Kwankwasons and later Kwankwaso.

So it was that the town of KWANKWASO established. There is nobody born over 90years ago who would claim he was born in Kwankwaso.

In an almost identical manner, the Igbo entrepreneur Ichie Madu Obi's business soon metamorphosed into Madobi town, the current headquarters of Madobi LGA.

The Igbos have not changed. They remain the same people who can transform a "bush" in Kano into a thriving nerve center. The only problem of Igbos is "one Nigeria" On a recent post Adeyinka Grandson reconfirmed with Nigeria public that President Obasonjo is an Igbo man.Who know if Kwankwanso is another lost Igbo man.Imagine your named after an Igbo mans founded town 

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