I'm not here to play the tribal card

I'm not here to play the tribal card
My Ijaw brothers ‘been shouting our oil! - oil at our backyard but nothing to show for it.
My Igbo brothers ‘been yelling the business backbone of the nation but our economy is break dancing to the grave.
My Yoruba brothers been shouting we are smarter- Lagos till die, is Lagos the all?
My Hausa brothers been shouting after all we have been ruling still nothing to hold on to..
The simple truth is that if all the tribes were patriotic enough they would have developed their communities with any given chance but rather we are pointing hands at each other, fixing blames but not the problem.
If you can't stay together and work towards making your fatherland a better place then as smart people sit down and discuss your future...STOP WAITING FOR LORD LUGARD that dude is dead and gone he will never come back..
By-Awofaa Gogo Abite

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