Throughout yesterday evening, after "moving" from Aljazeera to CNN and later settled for BBC, I just wasn't myself. I was sad and shaken. I saw the Prime Minister of UK drilled in the House of Common. I watched Theresa May talk for over three hours, answering questions from all angles. I watched the country's parliament take the number one citizen to the cleaners. I watched Jeremy Corbyn tear into pieces the UK cabinet and almost rubbished the effort on the Brexit deal. I saw how Brexit was dissected and discussed for hours. I saw the Wimbledon representative almost crying while defending his constituents. 

I watched how the Parliament argued with the Prime Minister on single market and custom union. Brexit would show the sovereignty of the UK. No European Courts would lord over the laws of Great Britain. Discussions on Northern Ireland was serious. Protection of jobs. Stoppage of billions of pounds to the EU. No free movements into UK.

This is not my destination!

Earlier before Boris Johnson's resignation came like wildfire, four other boys trapped in a cave in Thailand had been rescued, totalling eight in two days. For over two weeks, 12 teen footballers and their coach got trapped in a cave. And for the past 15 days, the Thai government took to action. They didn't blame the kids and their coach for going deep into a cave to have fun. They didn't shift the blame on their parents for allowing them. They didn't consider their tribe or ethnic nationalities. No mention of their religion.

Navy SEALS were brought in. The Police. The Army. Air force. Helicopters. Foreign cave professionals. UK dive experts. Medical personnels. Psychologists. Food and water supply were made after staying without food for 10 days. A diver lost his life in the process. And after concerted efforts, eight of the thirteen trapped humans have been rescued alive.

Guess what! They were airlifted to the nearest hospital in Chiang Rai. Unstable and malnourished, they are now being seriously attended to with the doctors confirming their responses to treatments.

What message do you think the Thai government is passing across here? That the lives of ALL Thai matter. That their government is responsible for their safety and security. That the well-being and welfare of ONE Thai is sacrosanct. That a single Thai is the responsibility of the government and shall not be left to suffer.

What do you think the rescued Thais would think about their country and government? What do you think their parents would say about their land? Do you think Thais would be scared of living in their country? Do you think they would ever think of running away from their country? Do you think they would regard other country about protection of lives than theirs? Do you think they would believe other country's government can protect them like theirs?

While Adamawa and Taraba states are burning and countless dead bodies litter the streets of Numan, 30,000 policemen, a DIG, four AIGs, 6 helicopters, 1,000 DSS officers and military formations are being deployed to Ekiti State just to "politically capture" the Fountain of Knowledge.

We won't be alright. Not yet. Not now.

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