FLASH BACK Jun 30 2016 The situation in Nigeria today

The situation in Nigeria today is unaware of your support for buhari or your opposition to him, the truth is that buhari, thru a series of stupid decisions, appointments, utterances, inaction, myopic economic policies, and detrimental dictatorial deeds and his ego, has led this nation to this point of economic collapse, genocide, religious fanaticism, and turned Nigeria into a pariah nation, devoid of investors, devoid of a vibrant economy, filled with sufferings and hybrid hypocrisy...
THE economy doesn't know APC OR PDP, it doesn't realise your religious extremism, neither does it care about your tribe,
I believe that almost every nation in the globe have people like buhari, living amongst them, but unlike Nigeria, they relegated such men like buhari to where they belong, which has NOTHING to do with power, presidency or any political post... Unfortunately for Nigeria, hypocrisy is a virtue here, the analogue relic of retardation and mediocrity was resurrected, and redefined the concept of WOE, the practicality of SUFFERINGS and the beauty of criminal illiteracy, for Nigerians....

Michaell Oluwasegun Davies RIP 

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