Are U Aware!! That you will pay to cross Niger Bridge ???

Are U Aware Julius Berger, the Major Contractor and Construction company of 2nd Niger Bridge will put Toll Gate on Completion of the Bridge to cover their cost. FGN share of the Cost is N30billion. Jonathan through the Sure-P paid N21.2billion (71%) including N7billion for the completion of preparatory work.38% of the work has been done as at Jan 2015, 5%-7% has been completed bring the total completed work to about 43% to 45% according to an engineers.All the pictures flying all over the internet are pictures of work-in-progress made during the 1st quarter of 2015,In summary Jonathan Govt have paid 71% of FGN share of the cost, While Buhari's govt has paid 6.1%.Right now if APC Wants to do anything good to Ndigbo let them pay the Cost of N117 billion so that we dont need to pay Toll gate because Igbos will still pay police after that bridge.I mean no Toll gate on Third mainland bridge....Can you all see your One Nigeria love

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