How to be an African leader

Dear African leaders
If I was an African President or Minister, I’ll be ashamed to go to the Chinese government to ask for aid.
China government has more people to feed than the whole African continent.
It’s the Chinese who should be coming to ask our help or migrating here for better life.
I’m ashamed to see how little pride we have left in our culture. Are Africans inferior to Chinese?
The same for India.
India has more people to feed than the whole African continent. Still our Presidents go there to ask for aid from India to feed their people. Shame, Shame, Shame!
Aren’t they ashamed? Don’t they see that they are the laughing stock of the entire universe?
India has a population much bigger than the entire African continent, but the country is managed by one prime minister and 23 ministers.
Africa, with less population than India is managed by 54 Presidents, and over 1080 (one thousand eighty) ministers, who collectively still achieve less than a single prime minister in India.
China with bigger population than Africa has no permanent members of Parliament. The 3000 members of the National people congress seat only for few weeks during the year to vote on the laws submitted by the executive branch. Afterwards, they all go back to their regular jobs.
Africa, with less population than China, has 13 320 (thirteen thousands tree hundred twenty) members of parliament which are full time employees on the payroll of states with skinny budget.
Are Africans inferior to everyone else, to be reduced to international beggars running from here to there asking for help?
I’m ashamed to see my people being the object of pity to everyone.
Without Shame of being so mediocre, and without a deserved Pride to stand for the best in the world, we would continue to be the laughing stock of the entire universe.
I’m ashamed. Really Ashamed!

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