Pastor Adeboye asked the congregation to avoid divine curse like a plaque by pleasing God and also in paying of their tithe.

Nigerians can fear curse. I know my father in Heaven can not curse me because I refused to pay tithe that will be used for private Jet and luxurious life styles or give to a Pastor that will in turn give 30m to his wife as a low key birthday gift while the community does not have a good school. The missionaries of old left all their Rosy life and came down to us.

Why did they not extort the people then in the name of tithe and seed sowing? Instead they used the money they got from their home church to build schools and hospitals just to educate and cure people of disease.

If we keep saying tithe was commanded in the old testament and must be continued, so was blood sacrifice not commanded in the old testament? Why have we stopped blood sacrifice yet tithe has not been stopped? Why is it that when it comes to the issue of money this So called men of God will tell you that you will bring a curse on yourself if you don't pay or if you question them. People in Israel don't pay tithe but yet they are more successful than African.

Christians should read their bible and stop seeing God to be an Amadioha just when it comes to paying money. Christ commanded the rich man in the Bible to go sell all he had and come follow him. This only meant that the race for the kingdom of God is not a material race. The Arab/Asian world today is successful not because of tithe and seed sowing but because people truly understand the meaning of worship.

Christ never asked for tithe so why will a Pastor ask for it. Is that pastor a Levites ?. This tithe Bruhaha is coming up not because people are paying or not but because people are using the money wrongly. Why cant a pastor encourage alms giving and sharing what we have with our Neighbors who have nothing ? Why cant they tells us to take some of our wealth and go help the communities where we come from?

Elija rejected the gifts that Neeman brought after he was healed of his sickness because to him he was only an instrument of God and did not see himself as God. Some pastors now portray themselves as God through the kind of Adverts they do. Some are now in competition within themselves and have derailed totally. If you are lazy and you pay tithe every second you will still be poor. Asking questions is part of human civilization. Wake up Nigeria!! wake up from your foolish sleep

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