Sad State Of Igbo Leadership...

The Ohaneze madness.

On same subject of Ohaneze "old men" visiting Aso rock to pledge allegiance, permit me to start this post by asking how many times have we seen E. K Clark go to Abuja to apologize on behalf of Ijaws or MEND for blowing up pipelines and killing soldiers? Instead, what we see is EK Clark using such acts to press home the demands of the SS.

Anyone who thinks the 13% derivation for the SS states, ministry of Niger Delta, Amnesty funds, etc. and even the Presidency was achieved by the SS leaders being apologetic and servile to the government in power must think again!
TOMPOLO is declared wanted by FGN/EFCC for allegedly stealing billions of Naira but has any leader from the SS travelled to Abuja to denounce him?

Mention any time leaders of Afenifere went to Abuja to pledge allegiance to the Nigerian state or apologize for the activities of NADECO, OPC and even the recent agitation for Oduduwa state...

As a matter of fact, Gani Adams of OPC was recently honored with one of the highest chieftaincy titles in Yoruba land - same title bestowed on MKO Abiola..

The Arewa youths that asked Igbos to leave the North (in complete violation of the constitution) amidst great fanfare were publicly supported by one of the leading lights of the Northern Elders forum, Prof. Ango. Nobody from the North has visited Abuja to apologize and pledge allegiance to anyone.

To date, the Nigerian state can't even effect the existing arrest warrant issued for them.

In retrospect, the least I expect Ohaneze to do is to pay condolence visit to the houses of their "kinsmen" killed by an illegal military invasion of their area. I expect Ohaneze to query about the whereabouts of NK's father who is a titled Chief in Igboland.

By Igbo traditional standards and to a large extent, African standards, It is an abomination that an Eze or Chief of a community in Igbo land is missing and no Igbo leader is asking questions.

In a nutshell, the above explains why the average Igbo man does not have any iota of trust in these Ohaneze "old men" and explains why same average Igbo man will gladly die for NK.

For many discerning Igbo people including myself, those Ohaneze old men are there in Abuja to lobby for ministerial positions and government contracts for themselves and family members because no sane Igbo man will ever send anyone to apologize - on his behalf - to the person who is ultimately responsible for murder of his people and illegal military invasion of his home.

#Chris Obiekwe.

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