As Nigeria marks her 57th birthday of nationhood, the question is: what are we celebrating?

1. The indivisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria, clothed with tension and violence!

2. Abuse of fundamental human rights and insensitivity of those in political leadership!

3. Weak government's legitimacy and deep rooted favouritism, nepotism and tribalism!

4. Violation of the tenets of Rule of Law, the constitution, rules of engagements and ethical codes!

5. Corruption and government's Ineptitude; reign of lies, blackmail, scapegoating and propaganda hinged on politics of deceptive change!

6. Military invasion of Igbo nation and killing of unarmed civilians under a brand name, "Python Dance II.

7. Proscription of IPOB and silencing of dissent voices in democratic environment!

8. Elevation of IPOB as terrorist organization to provoke human sensibility and ridicule Nigeria's attitudes toward resolving her internal socioeconomic and political challenges!

9. Non-negotiable unity of Nigeria, in the absence of unity, love, understanding, peace, justice and equity!

10. Maiming and killings by Fulani herdsmen, Badoo cults and other criminal groups across the length and breath of Nigeria!

11. Unemployment, poverty, hardship, diseases, unpaid salaries, allowances, gratuity and pensions; industrial unrest and institutional decays!

12. Boko Haram insurgency, militancy, armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killing, trafficking in human and building collapse!

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