COME TO THINK OF IT, Hausa is different from Fulani, different from nupe, different from kanuri, different from southern Kaduna and platue

COME TO THINK OF IT, Hausa is different from Fulani, different from nupe, different from kanuri, different from southern Kaduna and platue. But they are all Northern Nigeria just to answer majority and make us minority, In them, they have North East, North West, North Central, but there is no North North or Niger North, even though Niger state and Niger are part of the North, still there is no North Delta nor Niger North, So when the detroyers came to yorubas they kept them together and call them South West even though they are divided multilingual yoruba ethos.
Their aim is to make them second most populated, so that was how they began to call themselves devilish majority just to subjugation us, dehumanize us with the word minority which will make us look very inferior, make our vote less count and less important and insignificant, because of oil, politics, looting and hatred they, scattered the most blessed Eastern Region of Nigeria with the help of the british government started maginalising us, they made themselves wealthy, used they resources from our land to build Lagos and Abuja made it attractive so that we will leave our homes to Lagos and Abuja while they will move into own oil blocks and shared our landed properties, instead of calling us by their original mistake name "Eastern Nigeria" they corruptly changed other things, instead of East South, they name it upside down "South East" instead of East West they zoned us as "South South" and practically removed history from schools so that our future children will never know that we were all Easterners, to divide us the more, they stopped calling often South South and gradually changing it to Niger Delta, what a hell is Niger Delta? is there anywhere in the world that the Atlas marked as South to South? from what part of the hell did they bring that word south South? it is just a name called by an idiot which signify nothing just to loot our treasury and resources, can we ask ourselves where is North North? where is West West? Believe me that evil plot is over we have come to the reality of their fraud, we are coming together once again to our formidability, self discovery is the greatest miracle on earth, as we realise that we are first indigenous people residing in the bight of Biafra since 1602 when the first map of Africa was drawn by British! which they took note of an indigenous geographical map of people living in it before their arrival and were called Biafra, and we are older than the name Nigeria.
our forefathers are not Nigrians, yes we may have different tongues but guess what? we have common value system, we eat common food, common dress culture, our women are known for common dress code (two rapas) , our men from origins tie a decorative rapa, common manner of life and common marital process, we are one indigenous people; we have value for human life.
we are one brother we have been cohabiting since inception. NIGERIA IS A BRITISH COMPANY NAME and we are not that. just answer Biafra the British talisman will fade immediately, this name Biafra has the ability to cast evil spirit away from those that claim one NIgeria. we are one Biafra and every tribe in Biafra love each other. Let come together and rebuild our wasted homes, mend our fences, make our gates brass again

By Mazi Eke 

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