History Being Repeated over and Over

$1 = #0.78K
£1 = #1.20K
Mainly essentials commodities were sold to generally public on higher purchase with zero interest rate and home delivering such as
Poegoet 404 = #500
Volkswagen Beetle = #400
Thermocool Refrigerators were sold #70
Building materials were cheap and affordable to Nigeria masses
Foods were in abundance,
Kids were in school and scholarship where given to Nigerians to study Abroad
Businesses were booming with vibrant Economy.
There were a lot of foreign investors in Nigeria at that period - leventis stores and motors, liver group of company's, Iveco Fait motors, johnholt and jameswatt investment, name the series of foreign company's in Nigeria at that time.
Nigeria economy was booming and Nigerians were gainfully
Other Africans countries were migrating to Nigeria - Ghana, Togo, Senegal e.t.c
No illegal arrest or media trial.
Rule of law was maintained.
On 31th December, 1983, Buhari and his Armyl gang struck with the excuse of tackling widespread corruption and within few months Nigeria economy went into Recession.
Nigeria market value
$1 = #25
£1 = #50
Peogoet 404 and 405 was sold within that period = #12000 and #15000
Volkswagen Beetle = N8, 000
Thermocool fridge #1200
Kids dropped out of school because their parents couldn't afford their school fees
anymore. Buhari and his team stop Scholarship scheme and a lot of Nigerians studying overseas were frustrated and some our women later became prostitute abroad.
Businesses closed down.
Foods were rationed as people queued up for essential commodities.
Many Nigerians lost their jobs because the economy collapsed.
Innocent Nigerians were arrested for free speech and human rights violated with
The Constitution was suspended.
He blamed Alh. Shagari's govt for this mess. He blamed corruption, yet he jailed Dr. Alex
Ekwueme (the Vice President) but left Shagari (the president) in his palace.
But when another gang threw him out, and within few months, Nigerians started smiling again. Our kids returned to school,
food was in abundance again, Nigerians got their jobs back and the economy was revived etc.
Number one Africa leading economy
4th world growing Economy
Number one Africa investors destination.
$1 = #179 - #189
€1 = #208 - #219
£1 = #240 - #250
Cars were affordable with local
manufacturers smiling to the bank.
Food was in abundance (at least a bag of Rice was #7, 000)
Kids were in school
Businesses were booming with vibrant economy and people were gainfully employed.
No illegal arrest or media trial.
Protesters (esp BBOG) were not killed or teargassed.
Corruption was fought with model days scientific technology
On 29 May, 2015 when Buhari was 'jega-ed' into
power through mass rigging in northern Nigeria.
And within a period of six month Nigeria Economy went to Recession
Nigeria present day market value
$1 = #315 - #510
€1 = #370 - #540
£1 = #580 - #640
Local car manufactures shut down their plants due to harsh economic condition.
Famine is unleashed on Nigerians and a bag of Rice rose to N22, 000/27, 000 while
minimum wage remains N18, 000.
Kids dropped out of school.
Scholarship scheme suspended and alot of Nigerian frustrated oversea due to lack of forex
Businesses closed down, millions lost their jobs and inflation is in double digits.
Illegal arrest, disregard of Rule of Law and media trial is the order of the day.
Peaceful Protesters (esp IPOB) are being killed like chicken without provocation.
Just like in 1985, he's blaming corruption and his predecessor for the same mess he created within few months of assumption of office.

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