This is absolute rubbish! I wonder the many flip flops of this administration. This is the more reason why Nigeria will never attain a greater height in the community of nations. A country that operates on inconsistencies just to satisfy its religion leaders, even though the constitution clearly separates religion from the state, is doomed to fail.

This is pure politics and nothing else. Why create a law if it can't be implemented or can be suspended anytime by the whims of the power that be? What kind of a nation does that while claiming it practices democracy? Buhari has lost my respect by this singular decision. He caved in because Adeboye and CAN blew hot and cold over this issue, and this is all because of 2019.

What was the offence of Obaze? He was sacked simply because those thieving pastors and their gullible followers cried to the high heavens for no sensible reason. Obaze was sacked because Nigeria is still choked under the weight of gullibility and religion influence. The said act is for ALL non profit making organisations. Why is it only the churches that are crying over it? Muslims, other faiths and other charity organizations have no issue with that law.

Nigeria has great men but does not have great institutions. The reverse is the case in sane and developed world. Religion and its attendant sentiments are some of the major impediments to our collective development, and until we come back to our senses, we WILL NEVER GROW as a nation. We will continue to grapple with under development until we get our institutions right!

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