BOLD FACTS........
Goodluck Jonathan was the best executive President Nigeria ever had. This is the reason Islamic Hausa-fulani-Yoruba APC is fighting the truth which is a standard they don't want to be judged by but Facts are Stubborn..
*CNN Money projected that the fastest growing economy in the world in 2015 will be China (7.3% growth); followed by Qatar (7.1%) and then followed by Nigeria (7%). this attests to the astute management of the economy by the Jonathan administration under the ministerial assistance of the world renown economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Igbo). This exceptionally astute technocrat had earlier worked hard to pay Nigeria's $30 billion dollar external debt to the London-Paris club of creditors. This money was squandered by the Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba political, military and business class who ruled Nigeria in 50 years. The payment sum which was part of the amount owed came from Oil proceeds from Biafraland.
* Nigeria's Gross domestic Product ranked the nation's economy 1st in Africa and 26th globally; from 3rd and 46th respectively. National Bureau of Statistics reported that Nigeria’s GDP in 2013 rose to $503bn or 307bn pounds nearly double previous estimate and well ahead of South Africa at around $350bn. The economy became more widely diversified than before.
* Foreign Direct Investment were boosted from US$24.9 million as at 2007 to over US$ 35 billion by 2014 and virtually all quoted companies doubled in size, assets and profit.
* Jonathan's administration rendered over 25,000 kilometers of federal road motorable from barely 5,000 Kilometers as at 2011.
* Began work on second Niger bridge and Loko-Oweto bridge over river Benue.
* Nigerian railways was resuscitated from a 30-years old coma with over 3, 500 kilometers of lines operational. Kano to Portharcourt railine was a prominent one. Former President Shehu Shagari said, “my 27 years old grandson entered the train for the first time in Nigeria in 2014.”
* 22 airports remodeled to meet International standards and five International ones namely Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Kano and Enugu.
* Agricultural transformation agenda made it possible to now export Cassava and increasingly attain 60% self-sufficiency in Rice production.
* The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations voted Nigeria the largest producer of Cassava in the world..
*Jonathan’s administration built six strategically-located perishable cargo airports in Ilorin, Jalingo, Jos, Lagos, Makurdi and Yola in close proximity to Nigeria's food baskets.
* Under Jonathan's administration Agriculture accounted for 22% of Nigeria's GDP, more than Oil and Gas which only account for 15.9 percent. Nigeria recorded more than 50% reduction in food imports. Prior to his Presidency, we had a food import bill of 1.4 trillion naira but his policies reduced it to less than N700 billion.
* rehabilitation of 19 dams and construction of 14 irrigation projects - millions of Nigerian farmers are engaging in all season farming across the country except Boko Haram disturbed areas
* Jonathan’s administration resuscitated the Warri and Portharcourt Refineries that were deliberated left to rust and pine by preceding administrations.
* Power generation went up from some 2,000 megawatts in 2011 to some 5,000 megawatts in 2014. More independent power plants commission. Nevertheless there was sabotage by blowing up underwater gas pipelines in then APC controlled states - Lagos and Rivers states.
* Jonathan administration established 14 new universities and 150 almajiri schools in 13 northern states.
* Under Jonathan administration there had been a 10 million increase in school enrollment in Nigeria. He increased Education budget from 7% to 18% for the first time in Nigeria. 7,000 lecturers were given Post Graduate Scholarship at home and abroad; 50 polytechnic laboratories rehabilitated along with some in Universities and departments upgraded and equipped.
* People-oriented projects under the Subsidy Re-Investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE - P) which helped create 1.6 million Jobs in 2013.
*CNN Money projected that the fastest growing economy in the world in 2015 will be China (7.3% growth); followed by Qatar (7.1%) and then followed by Nigeria (7%). this attests to the astute management of the economy by the Jonathan administration under the ministerial assistance of the world renown economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Igbo).
* Nigeria became the 23rd largest economy in the world overtaken European countries like Belgium and Austria.
* In 2010 when Jonathan was acting president, life expectancy in Nigeria was 47 years but by 2015 it was 54 years, an improvement of seven years.
* Maternal Mortality ratio in Nigeria was reduced by 26%.
* Under Jonathan, Nigeria had become Guinea-worm-free; a disease previously affecting 800,000 Nigerians yearly. Polio was extinguished from Nigeria as no new cases were detected in the last nine months of his administration. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world and humanitarian philantropist hailed Nigeria's fight against polio as one of the great world achievements of 2014.
* Jonathan's administration witnessed Ebola, the dreaded scourge in some West African countries which was contained and Nigeria was Ebola-free, a credit that must go the health workers under the able Minister Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu (Igbo).
* Jonathan’s administration built a Trauma Center with Helipad at the National Hospital in Abuja and equipped Teaching hospitals in various regions.
* Between 2012 and 2015 the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ranked Nigeria as the number one country for foreign investment with the fourth highest rate of returns on investments in the world. This was in spite of security challenges from Islamic Jihadists from the north.
* In 2010, when Jonathan came to power, Aliko Dangote (Hausa) was the 463rd richest man in the world with a total fortune of $2.1 billion. Jonathan's policies and support made him the 23rd richest man in the world with a total of $25 billion.
* Transparency International in 2010 ranked Nigeria 134th out of 178 countries in corruption. Under Obasanjo Nigeria was 1st, 3rd and remain one of the most corrupt in the world.
* By instituting the e-payment system, Jonathan's administration sanitized the civil service by removing 50,000 ghost workers in one fell swoop. The administration also got rid of ghost voters from the electoral register; over 1 million ghost voters were removed from Zamfara INEC register alone.
* Jonathan signed Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) that previous Nigerian leaders never signed in spite of its urgent need to help transparency and accountability in governance.
* Jonathan’s government created more employment than all its predecessors put together – 1.6 million jobs in 2013; 500,224 jobs were created in the first six months of 2014 (Vanguard News Sept. 9, 2014) and 495, 070 in 2015 according to Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. Unemployment moved from 28% to 6.4% and Nigeria’s economy grew by 6.23% in Quarter three of 2014.
* Jonathan increased minimum wage from N7,500 to N18,000; increased NYSC allowance from N7,500 to N19,500.
*Revived the Mortgage Loan System to help citizens afford home ownership.
* Under Jonathan's administration Free and Fair elections were conducted in Edo, Anambra, Ondo, Ekiti and Osun significantly enhancing Democracy that ever eluded the people due to previous corrupt leaderships.
*Nigeria recorded zero politically motivated murders on the national level under Jonathan.
*Jonathan’s administration secured a non-permanent seat at United Nations Security Council, hosted World Economic Summit and for the first time in Nigeria’s history, citizens were airlifted from the world trouble spots.
* Under Jonathan's administration Nigeria won the African Cup of Nations and Under 17 World Cup.
* Jonathan’s government for the first time in Nigeria conducted elections in which the opposition won and handed over power without incident..

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