My people thinks that corruption fight is bundling people and hurdle people left and right

My people thinks that corruption fight is bundling people and hurdle people left and right without first laying foundation to stop and eradicate corruption although Buhari seems not to know much about governance as he goes on issue without first thinking on the implications and the way out of it first or whether there is a strong case nor prove or not. Yes corruption needs to be eradicated and stop or reduced but not with this present method just to score cheap political goal and being unnecessary aggressive without first finding out the course of the corruption and how we get here. British and foreign partners institutionalize corruption in Nigeria and our past leaders refuse to do away with it or find a way to fight nor discourage it although military regime finished us and made it worst as they look other way round till we get here and it can't stop by shouting or singing or deceiving people or being selective rather working with relevant agencies, groups,bodies collectively and Nigerians in generation in fact is something that need to come together and agreed that we need to kill corruption if not we are going no where. There should be a sound and legislative backing it and also discussion, deliberation and that can only be done by restructuring the system and coming together to discuss on relevant laws and policies to follow so as to reduce and discourage corruption example how ministry of justice and department will function and also reforming-reorganizing police force and ministry of internal affairs which is a necessity. You can not do it alone as a Nigerian we are u will see inner friends and associate you people will look other way round and act as if nothing is at stake even petitions but the same thing will be done by someone else or your opponent then you start shouting and making noise aggressively going after that person and is that how it should be done. All this story you people are preaching now is just to deceive some gullible and am not that type and I repeat if you people want to stop nor reduce corruption we all must come together and find a lasting solution and legislate a law and policies to follow not one Man thing and if that is done you will see corruption reducing by it's self not by going hard only on corrupt people or even making noise without doing anything. There are some certain laws and discussion that need to be done people will be careful that laws are now sacrosanct and in that case no more as usual but what we are seeing now is One Man corruption fighting and also seems one sided and selective and only see his opponent and Arms cash deal as only corruption issue we have in this country. Look at the way they went and bundle Judges without warrant, summon nor investigation just because they just want to disgrace them due to they have issues with those Judges not because of corruption fight or normal sanitation of ministries at the first place are u supposed to use DSS no matter how heavy and serious the case might be and why using gestapo commando way to handle issue of corruption.. If u look at the issue all what they did is just to rubbish and disgrace those judges simply because they did not do their bidding in last election and beyond but they look other way round on areas judges gave them favorable judgement so who is fooling who and is that how to fight corruption when it suit you then you become happy when it goes against your wish then you become aggressive.

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